6 members of the Malaysian royal family who make a difference

By Tania Jayatilaka

By Tania Jayatilaka

July 05, 2021

From volunteering at food banks to advocating for mental health, these young royals are doing their part to help

Tunku Ali Redhauddin and his brother Tunku Zain Al-‘Abidin are not the type to let the grass grow under their feet when there is work to be done. Before the lockdown, the sons of Negeri Sembilan leader Tuanku Muhriz Tuanku Munawir regularly participated in community outreach programs and grassroots fundraising efforts.

In April, the royal siblings met Ian and Aaron Hashim from the 10 Ringgit Project who helped raise funds for food baskets and essential household items for B40 families in Negeri Sembilan through the Yayasan Munarah charity, of which Tunku Ali is the president.

Tunku Zain is also the Chairman of the General Assembly of Malaysia, an educational institution behind the MySTEP 2021 program which aims to help unemployed Malaysians improve their digital skills in order to earn a stable living during the locking.

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We love that these royal brothers and sisters from Selangor are right at home helping people on the streets and in the community. Tengku Zatashah is the Royal Patron of Make A Wish Malaysia and a staunch zero waste advocate who uses social media as a platform to raise awareness and raise funds for causes close to her heart. She also regularly volunteers at soup kitchens.

Cut from the same fabric, his brother Tengku Amir Shah is the founder of Selangor Youth Community, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young people empower others through community services, sports awareness programs, initiatives artistic and more. This week, the prince partnered with Kelab Kebajikan Anggun Karisma Damansara Damai and Segi Fresh Market, providing food supplies and basic necessities to 103 needy families in Selangor.

Earlier this year, Tengku Amir called on more young people to expand their employment opportunities and train through the TEAM professional development program in partnership with the organization Prince’s Trust International.

“In these difficult times, I urge each of us to seize every opportunity for a better future, and I would like to invite all young people who are struggling for opportunities to join our team program,” said Tengku Amir. in an Instagram post.

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