9 Quotes From Sheldon That Prove He’s The Worst


Child genius who seems to live in his own world, Sheldon Cooper in Young Sheldon is his own person. A spin-off from the The Big Bang Theory following young Sheldon Cooper, fans find out where he got his start and what he looked like as a kid.

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Still the same as he was as an adult, Sheldon is increasingly sarcastic, intelligent, and a nuisance to everyone around him. No matter how adorable he looks, when he opens his mouth he spits out things that make him look the smartest in the room but also make him appear like he’s the worst person.


An insulting Alma Mater

“Oh-oh. Did you at least graduate with honors?”

Image of Sheldon Cooper looking at the dentist in Young Sheldon

Sometimes it’s hard to be an adult in a room with an awesome kid because they take everything you say and use it against you. Sheldon Cooper is a genius who will separate anything anyone says and make it seem like he’s right and they’re wrong.

This can become an annoying feature when hospitalized. When he has to have his gallbladder removed in “A Tummy Ache and a Whale of a Metaphor”, he asks his doctor where he went to medical school in an insulting way, responding with the quote below. above. He is extremely lucky to have been taken care of after that, given that medical professionals have the right to turn people away if they are verbally abused by a patient.

Sheldon pushes Mary’s buttons

“Subatomic particles are real! You talk to an invisible man in the sky who grants wishes. If someone is […Going To Have A Mental Breakdown]It’s you.”

Image of Sheldon and Mary Cooper of young Sheldon sitting in the bathroom talking

Mary Cooper is a mother who takes the care and health of her children very seriously. She wants to make sure they are taken care of in all aspects of their lives and that they receive the love and attention they deserve. She worries about all her children, but her worry about Sheldon is x10 because of his wit and personality.

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In the episode “Quirky Eggheads and Texas Snow Globes”, Mary worries that Sheldon is going down the road to a nervous breakdown after Dr. Sturgis has one. This quote is Sheldon responding to his mother’s concern by throwing jabs at his religion and his choice to pray to “an invisible guy in the sky”. Considering Mary does everything for Sheldon and just wants the best for him, it’s pretty awful to see him treat her that way.

Older siblings say the darkest things

“How can I be adopted when I have a twin sister? Think, Monkey, Think.

There are no two identical siblings, even twins. Everyone has their own personality and character traits that make them unique. In this case, Sheldon and his two siblings, Georgie and Missy, couldn’t be more different if they tried. They are opposites in every way, with Missy and Georgie connecting through the annoyance of Sheldon’s know-it-all attitude.

In the “Pilot”, when Sheldon is late for dinner, his father asks what he was doing and Sheldon replies that he was “exploring dimensional kinematics”. His brother Georgie responds to the entire dinner table with “admit it, he’s adopted” and Sheldon responds with the above quote that challenges his brother’s intellect. Considering Sheldon also doesn’t find himself witty or funny, it was one of those moments where fans found him quite hilarious (although George didn’t).

A linear point of view

“Science is facts, religion is faith. I prefer facts.

Pastor Jeff is a man of God and a true believer in his faith, so no one can tell him anything different about the man upstairs. However, he had never met Sheldon Cooper.

In a Season 1 episode, Paster Jeff states that there is a 50/50 chance that God exists and Sheldon disputes his stats. When he states that the pastor’s calculations are wrong, the pastor asks him if he doesn’t think science and religion can go together, and Sheldon responds with the quote above. With him refusing to allow other characters to have their own beliefs and thoughts, it’s no surprise people find him a bit obnoxious.

Undesirable vegetables and people

“To me, you are like green beans. Nobody asks them, nobody wonders about them. They are right there on the plate.

Sheldon on the phone with Missy watching in Young Sheldon.

The siblings argue, they fight, and they never seem to agree on anything. Sheldon Cooper and Missy Cooper are twins. however, they are different in intellect, personality, and life goals. Yet they love and understand each other as only twins could.

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In the tenth episode of Season 1, as Sheldon goes off to a Dallas school for gifted children, he and Missy have a late-night conversation where she asks if he’ll miss her and he responds with the quote above. While hard to tell at a time like this, Missy gets it in the way he really means it.

dress code font

“According to the student dress and grooming code, this boy’s hair is too long [and] This boy is wearing sports gear outside of a designated area.

Image of Sheldon and his mother talking before his first day of high school at Young Sheldon

Any normal person on their first day of high school would be nervous and thinking about making friends. However, Sheldon is not a normal student and if he is sorted into his Hogwarts house, he is definitely a Ravenclaw. School and learning are areas in which he excels and of which he is proud. So it’s no surprise that he wants his learning environment to live up to those standards.

In the Season 1 premiere, Sheldon begins his first day of high school and comes into contact with a few students who violate the school’s dress and grooming code. He lets the manager know, even pointing out his grooming violation of having a “minor mustache”. It’s definitely not the way to start your first day of high school and it’s one of Cooper’s most questionable parenting choices in Young Sheldon.

You can never be too careful

“Well, I don’t know where your hands have been.”

Image of Sheldon raising his mitten-covered hands to the dinner table in Young Sheldon

You can never be too careful with invisible germs and bacteria; however, sometimes those things aren’t in a person’s hands, unless you’re Sheldon Cooper.

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In the tenth episode of Season 1, Sheldon takes it upon himself to keep himself safe when he leaves for Dallas to attend a school for gifted children. While having dinner with his host family, he is asked why he wears mittens at the table, to which he replies that he doesn’t know where his hands went. Although fans understand why he does it, it seems a bit rude.

An atheist launches his own mathology religion

“The only sin in ‘mathology’ is to be stupid. »

Image of Sheldon talking to Pastor Jeff in Young Sheldon

Sheldon has always been open and honest about his religious beliefs, or lack thereof in Young Sheldon. In his mind, science can explain all the things that others believe were created by God and divine intervention. Sheldon doesn’t stop himself from expressing these thoughts no matter the environment, and it can make Sheldon annoying in some cases.

In “Poker, Faith, and Eggs”, Sheldon’s Baptist study class is asked to explain what God means to them and Sheldon does just that. He tells the class that after extensive research, he has come to the conclusion that what others believe cannot be scientifically proven, leaving God a figure that does not exist. In doing so, he states that he will start his own religion called “Mathology” where the only sin you will be guilty of is being stupid and he is ready to convert everyone. Since everyone should have the right to have their own thoughts and beliefs, it’s pretty annoying that they’re trying to stop people from doing that.

Without genetics, he wouldn’t claim his family

“It’s okay, you’re still my dad and I’m genetically bound to love you.”

Pasadena Young Sheldon Episode

There’s no denying that Sheldon Cooper is different from his family. He is an exceptionally intelligent young man and his genius is not related to genetics. The majority of her time is spent explaining things to her family even when they don’t ask.

In the seventh episode of season 3, George Cooper wonders what a computer modem does and Sheldon explains its scientific purpose and compares it to the Algonquin Round Table, which his father states he has no idea about. what it means. Hearing this, Sheldon basically replies that it’s okay that he isn’t smart enough to understand and genetically he is still “forced” to love him as his son. This father and son bonding experience makes this one of the best episodes of Young Sheldon.

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