A superhero adventure for the whole family


Look, if you’re going to have all those magic and fantasy elements, not including a dragon seems like a massive oversight at this point. This dragon appears to come from within the Earth, as we see Lucy Liu’s Kalypso absolutely destroy a stadium to conjure up something gigantic. Now, that could just be a dragon, or we could go back to Greek mythology for this one as well.

Now, remember when I said that Hespera and the other nymphs tended the garden that housed Hera’s golden apple tree? Well, they can take care of it, but they’re not the only protectors. Hera placed the dragon Ladon as the ultimate protector of the golden apples, destined to prevent Heracles from accomplishing his eleventh labor. Now, the main reason I say it might not be Ladon is because the dragon we see in the trailer only has one head. Ladon traditionally has several, and even 100 in a single account. Now, this could be some visual effects montage for the trailer to fool us, but I doubt they would paint heads of that dragon. I also don’t know where they might fit on his neck.

I’m just bringing up Ladon because the connection to Hespera is too clear to pass up. The dragon is probably just a manifestation of dark magic, but it would be cool if this big blockbuster superhero movie decided to get really cheesy about Greek mythology. After all, these movies are supposed to be for nerds, aren’t they?

“Shazam! Fury of the Gods” will be released on December 21, 2022.


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