Ali Fazal nominated at the Busan Film Festival: it will be necessary to be very careful now when choosing to work anywhere | Web series



It took some time for actor Ali Fazal to realize the true value of being nominated for Best Actor at the Asian Contents Awards by the Busan Film Festival. But better late than never. He says the nod is a “good bonus” because it puts one back on the radar.

“Honestly, I didn’t know what it was because I didn’t read it (the news) properly. Then my manager called me to inform me that it was Busan Day, after which we talked to the festival goers. It’s a big deal and nice to be among a good group of people, ”an ecstatic Fazal told us, adding:“ I was getting ready for Khoufiya, which we’ve already started filming, which is why I haven’t noticed it all day, but it’s actually a nice little bonus.

Fazal was nominated for his portrayal of a man struggling with a nervous breakdown in Do not forget me segment of the anthology webseries, Ray. The awards ceremony will take place on October 7 in a hybrid fashion, online and on site.

And the Mirzapur The actor is not disappointed not to attend the festival in person, as he believes “safety is more important right now”.

As he continues to work in the West, gaining international recognition helps to get noticed. “It makes a big difference with the people there, with the cast and everyone notices you, they know about it,” he shares.

Fazal believes that India is on the entertainment map right now and there is still a long way to go. “It has become a level playing field now. There are a lot of people who have diversified. But the problem is, we haven’t stood up for our own for a long time, and that’s what we need, ”he explains.

When it comes to his career, Fazal admits he’s “much happier” as an actor than he was a year ago, but it has brought him new challenges.

“Making decisions has become difficult because my unique problem is that I have one foot in the West and one foot here. I recently lost a really big show in India and felt bad because of simple paas dates nahi hai. But it’s a good problem and I’m not complaining, “he says, and hastens to add,” However, I have to be very careful now what I choose on both sides. I have to give time to both of them because I don’t want to leave the house and it’s just a good time for us. There is a lot to say and less time because kahaniyon se hi humara itihaas banega.



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