American Horror Story: 10 most fearless characters, ranked


As indicated by his name, american horror story gives his characters something to be afraid of. They are beset by ghosts, serial killers, cultists and nuns. The characters face danger from the start of american horror Story, until its end. It is therefore not surprising that fear is a common emotion on AHS, even of its villains.

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However, this is not true for all characters. Some display a fearlessness that goes beyond mere stoicism or bravery. Whether they start their story this way or end it, some characters just aren’t phased by the horrors around them – or the horrors they’ve caused.

ten Ivy Mayfair-Richards doesn’t like having to be the bravest

Ivy Mayfair-Richards speaks in American Horror Story

Initially, Ivy Mayfair-Richards appears as one of the main protagonists of American Horror Story: Cult. She is Ally’s loving wife, fulfilling a role similar to that of Ben Harmon from Murder House. At first, she is unaware of the mysterious events affecting her family.

All along Worship, Ivy is cruel. She’s a cult member trying to give Ally a nervous breakdown. When confronted, Ivy confesses that Ally’s neurotic and fearful behavior makes her irritated with Ally – because Ally needs someone to be brave for her. Ivy only shows fear when an innocent man is killed because of his actions. She also shows fear when she realizes how unstable Kai Anderson is.

9 Pepper comes back fearlessly

Pepper in Briacliff asylum in American Horror Story: Asylum

At a time Asylum and Monster show, Pepper starts off as a reasonably courageous character. With her intellectual disability, she doesn’t always grasp the true scale of situations – even though she shows as much fear as others.

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It’s only when Pepper comes back Asylum after being abducted by aliens, she becomes fearless. Upon her return, she is smarter and less afraid of characters like Dr. Arden, able to challenge and openly mock the doctor. Unlike anyone who remains terrified of aliens, Pepper speaks calmly about it.

8 Fear is the only emotion Moira O’Hara seems to miss

Moira O'Hara's former appearance in Amrican Horror Story: Murder House

Moira O’Hara initially appears to be one of the antagonists of Murder House, before revealing himself as one of the nicest characters. Whether she confronts her former nemesis, seduces and murders a real estate developer, or kills her own mother, she is never afraid.

Later in Murder House, Moira shows her vulnerable side. But fear is not one of the emotions highlighted. She is caring, angry and bitter, but never fearful.

seven Cordelia Goode has the will to overcome her fear

Cordelia Goode condemns to death in American Horror Story: Apocalypse

Cordelia Goode is a protagonist of both Coven and apocalypse. Entering her first season as a shrinking violet plagued by trust issues, Cordelia is unafraid.

The events of Coven seeing her develop an iron will, and with it the ability to ignore her fear. After her development, she is shown to be capable of plotting her mother’s death, confronting the Antichrist, and even stabbing her eyes with little hesitation.

6 Michael Langdon only fears abandonment

Michael Langdon in promotional image for American Horror Story: Apocalypse

Michael Langdon is the antagonist and one of the main characters of American Horror Story: Apocalypse. Viewers get a full picture of his life until his decision to end the world and see the one thing he’s afraid of.

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As the devil-born Antichrist through the House of Murder, Michael is largely fearless. He has no qualms about killing others and sees nothing as a threat. He only fears rejection and loneliness, after his adoptive mother commits suicide and his biological father rejects him. It is this fear that makes him provoke the apocalypse.

5 The countess is too cold to be afraid

The countess at the Cortez hotel in American Horror Story: Hotel

One of the main antagonists of Hotel, many actions are carried out by the countess, owner of the Cortez hotel. A narcissistic and hedonistic vampire, the Countess lives her life enjoying a steady regimen of blood and sex. She takes strings from lovers, forcing them to love only herself.

All along Hotel, the countess shows little fear. The biggest suggestion that she’s more than a cold, self-centered killer: her reaction to being cheated. Even then, she leans more towards anger than fear.

4 Lana Winters’ experiences leave her fearless

Lana Winters in Briarcliff American Horror Story: Asylum Common Room

Dauntless isn’t a term fans would use to describe Lana Winters at the start of American Horror Story: The Asylum. She was rightly terrified after Sister Jude detained her in Briarcliff and subjected her to torture. She continues to be afraid when the Bloody Face takes a personal interest in her.

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Faced with the Bloody Face, she overcomes her fears. After her escape from Thredson and Briarcliff, she shows the steel to face the killer in person. She then killed him without hesitation, which she later did to her own son. In Roanoke, she shows no fear when Lot Polk appears wielding a gun and trying to kill everyone.

3 Shachath has no qualms about facing the devil

Shachath takes late Mary Eunice to American Horror Story: Asylum

Unlike most of the supernatural forces that beset Briarcliff, Shachath is ultimately benevolent. Despite her disturbing nature, she brings peace to the dying and stands firm against the demon that has taken hold of Sister Mary Eunice.

Despite the power that the demon – described as the devil – displays, Shachath doesn’t hesitate to help banish him. When they have a direct confrontation with each other, Mary Eunice shows fear in the presence of Shachath – and not the other way around.

2 Kai Anderson uses fear, but doesn’t experience it

Kai Anderson talking to another person in American Horror Story: Cult

The dominant antagonist of American Horror Story: Cult, Kai Anderson is described as a true sociopath. Although his goals revolve around mastering the fears of others, he seems not to feel the emotion himself.

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A lot of his emotions are manipulating others. Although Anderson demonstrates genuine anger and sadness later in Worship – especially when he kills his own sister. Even then, he never shows real fear, even when things turn on him.

1 Alma Gardner seems to feel little in the way of emotions

Alma plays the violin in 'American Horror Story: Double Feature'

The first part of Dual functionality, Crimson Tide, lack of well-defined heroes and villains. Alma Gardner is one of the main protagonists, the daughter of the Gardner family. Alma is one of the most causally cruel characters. Even before taking Muse, Alma exhibits an unusual obsession with death and rot. These things would terrify most children, but would have little effect on her.

After taking Muse, Alma feels nothing, including fear. She maintains an indifferent attitude when devouring the road. She kills and eats human beings. She makes herself an orphan. And, she lives with other villains. Of all the characters in american horror story, Alma shows a complete absence of anything resembling fear.

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