Awareness and preparedness rise at Heartland in the face of continued high heat


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) – The Heartland has been feeling the heat lately with temperatures in the upper 90s and triple digit heat indexes.

Fire departments and other agencies helping the public have prepared to help others with cold drinks, cold packs and more.

The Scott County Rural Fire Protection District released a message advising the public of the hot weather in the area and helping to monitor family members, seniors and neighbors in an effort to reduce fire-related illnesses. heat and possibly even deaths.

“Especially if they’re elderly, you want to know the signs and symptoms of heat-related emergencies and watch them, see if they’re acting a little differently or if they’re really red or starting to get sick,” Scott said. said County Rural Fire Chief Jeremy Perrien.

Perrien said their department had received calls about someone suffering from heat-related illness.

“So far we have had no deaths in our district and I know that in the region there have been unfortunate circumstances,” Perrien said. “We want to try to raise as much awareness as possible.”

While many people go outdoors for a short time, others work outdoors and deal with the heat for a long time.

Blake Wade of Blodgett owns BW Melons in Scott County. He said he had to adjust his opening hours earlier in the day due to the hot weather.

“We’re right in the middle of our watermelon harvest right now,” Wade said. “So, of course, it’s hot. We typically ship 3-4 semi-loads per day. Usually try to come down on Saturday and Sunday, but sometimes we work 7 days a week.”

Wade said that while his crew members take care of themselves with plenty of water, light clothing and other essentials, he still saw members suffer from heat-related illnesses from the weather. in time.

“We had a few guys who had dehydration cramps,” Wade said. “We had to bring them in. We have a guy who actually, I wouldn’t call him a coach, but he’s there for the crew.”

Temperatures will also remain very warm in the Heartland tomorrow with temperatures in the upper 90s.

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