Awareness, donations for Veterans Day


FOX joins the campaign “Make camouflage your cause, to raise awareness and donate for the heroes of our nation.

Step by step, Raysa Guerrero is on his way. However, she did not always have this optimism.

She joined the US Navy at the age of 17 and served four years at Point Mugu as an aircraft mechanic.

She was young, petite and tried to prove herself to her male colleagues.

Guerrero then left the Navy to attend community college. Now, she is expected to graduate from Cal State Long Beach in May 2022.

While her future is bright, she remembers hitting rock bottom.

The nonprofit US Vets and Dr. Miatta Snetter have changed their minds and lives, she says.

“Every veteran at some point has had suicidal thoughts and I was heading in that direction,” Guerrero recalls.

Guerrero is not a single story.

Dr. Snetter runs the American Veterinarians Program Outside the Wire.

“When you leave the service, for many [they wonder] how can I find the same meaning and the same goal? Where can I find this same camaraderie? Where am I going ‘? “Said Snetter.

US Veterans is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that partners with the US Department of Veterans Affairs, but serves veterans without the government bureaucracy.

Guerrero is very grateful to the organization.

Her ultimate goal is twofold – she wants to work in aerospace as a mechanical engineer and start her own nonprofit organization to pay for the help she has received from American vets.

The American vets “Make Camo Your Cause” campaign supports the exact programs that gave Guerrero its future.

Click here for more information on American vets or to purchase a t-shirt for a good cause.

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