BCSO blotter: Man says bald woman who looked like witch started COVID-19


Based on reports from the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office;

Criminal trespass; An employee at the Loves on Highway 280 told a deputy that a man there on August 26 had just called 911 for help and was “displaying the hallmarks of a nervous breakdown.” The man said he fled Ridgeland, South Carolina to escape his mother, “whom he only knows as ‘Lady Bird'” and was fleeing “spiritual warfare”, etc

The man, who claimed Lady Bird stole him at birth, also said “thanks to the internet and Mark Zuckerberg, he was able to locate his real parents, who resided in Texas.” He also told MPs that Lady Bird had started COVID-19 and was ‘bald, looked like a witch and had no eyebrows’. The man was offered EMS for a mental assessment, but declined. He told deputies he didn’t want to hurt himself, he didn’t want to talk to anyone, and he didn’t want to commute, but he wanted a bus to Texas. He received a criminal trespassing warning and a ride to the Greyhound station in Savannah.

Shoplifting: An Ellabell convenience store employee reported on August 24 that she found two empty “booze cans” in the store, checked the cameras and saw a man emptying the contents of the cans into a fountain cup, “then pay for the cup as a fountain drink. She said he then got out and handed the drink to someone in a vehicle, but he himself got into another vehicle and drove off. told the woman to call if the man showed up again.

Hunt: A deputy reported Aug. 23 that he was on patrol when he clocked a motorcycle traveling at 86 mph on Highway 204. The deputy turned around, turned on his lights and sirens and tried to d ‘catch the bike, but it kept going – at 133 mph by now. The deputy dropped the pursuit, but radioed. Another deputy spotted him on Highway 280 towards Pembroke, and law enforcement managed to get the bike into a subdivision and Pembroke officers blocked the entrance, but the biker got away. escaped anyway, went north on Highway 119 and got lost,” the report said. .

A North Bryan man reported on Aug. 30 that one of his neighbor’s two pit bulls attacked “the plastic well in the rear passenger fender of his vehicle” while he and his family were in the vehicle, “and wouldn’t let them leave the vehicle.”

Eventually, however, the man was able to get out, but “the pit bull was standing at the end of their driveway and wouldn’t leave.”

The deputy saw “the pit bull had attacked the fender well as there were fresh marks as well as dried saliva on the plastic,” the report said.

The owner of the pit bulls told the deputy he was unaware they had come out of his fence. Deputies told him to keep his dogs out and someone from Animal Control would follow up.

Registration Question: A deputy patrolling Clarktown Road around 4 p.m. on August 28 reported that he had been reported by a woman “we have had to deal with several times over the past two days due to her wandering out of her home”, according to a report, noting that she suffered from dementia, and “When she leaves the house, she will be wandering in the woods.”

The report says the woman said she fell in the woods and was in pain, and the deputy saw cuts and scrapes on her legs. He drove her home and called EMS, and eventually managed to get the phone number of a family member who lives out of town and has power of attorney for the woman.

She told the deputy that the woman didn’t want family members in her home and would get violent if they showed up to help.

The deputy explained how to get help for the woman. The family member said he was heading that way. In the meantime, “emergency services cleaned (the woman’s) cuts and treated her medically. (She) then demanded that we leave her property as we were annoying her, so we left,” the report said.

DUI, child endangerment: Deputies on patrol on I-95 were called sometime around 4 a.m. Aug. 38 to review reports of a reckless driver and found the vehicle at the Liberty County line parked on the shoulder heading south with its turn signals on.

The driver “appeared to be asleep at the wheel” and “there was a small child lying in the rear passenger seat”.

The report’s narrative made it clear that the man was seriously DUI, and his wife was called to pick up the 6-year-old, who “didn’t wake up until after (she) arrived”. The man was taken to jail.


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