Bigg Boss Malayalam 4: Jasmine gets a special surprise from host Mohanlal, meets her Cielo

Bigg Boss Malayalam 4 contestant Jasmine M Moosa was under severe mental stress in recent episodes of the series. The daring woman was seen collapsing in the medical ward in the latest episode and she expressed her wish to go home. However, the recent surprise of host Mohanlal seems to have cheered up Jasmine.

In the weekend episode, Mohanlal inquired about Jasmine’s well-being. She shared that she misses her pet dog very much. However, leaving everyone surprised, the host released a video of Jasmine’s girlfriend Monica and pet dog Cielo. In the video, Monica told her girlfriend that Cielo was fine and that everything was fine on their end. She also wished Jasmine good luck and pointed out that the latter is playing the game well.

Shortly after the video, Jasmine was seen bursting into tears.

In the same episode, Jasmine was seen upset after being fired by host Mohanlal for using offensive language on the show. She shared that it’s Robin who triggers her a lot on the show.

For the uninitiated, in the recent episode, Jasmine was seen going through an emotional breakdown. In the medical room, she was seen telling one of the team members that the house was getting toxic. Later, she also had a heart-to-heart conversation with Bigg Boss. During the interaction, Jasmine asked Bigg Boss to check on her pet dog.


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