Bikers ride to promote the Brady Faith Center


Almost 50 miles, or 485 miles to be exact. That’s the distance Kevin Frank rode on his bike this week.

“I wonder if part of me has lost my mind,” Frank said.

He does everything to help raise funds for the Brady Faith Center.

Kevin is the executive director of the nonprofit organization that provides programs and services to help Southwestern Syracuse. One of them being the 5.8-acre Brady Urban Farm.

“These pine chips are wonderful because they keep weeds out. They look good. They replenish the soil and it’s a way to reuse products that would otherwise be thrown away. It’s a win-win at all levels, ”said Frank.

Over 50 different vegetables and herbs are grown on the farm, all to give the community better access to food. Much of the produce is sold on the streets at the Brady Market – another extension of the Brady Faith Center.

“We are a very special mission. It’s based on kinship, on mutual relationships. We work with families, youth, teens, adults and the elderly in a way that simply builds trust and friendships, ”said Frank.

This community investment model is exactly what Kevin and three other bikers hope to tell Congressman Katko when they reach their final destination in Washington DC.

By raising awareness and raising funds along the way, their aim is to increase support for a disadvantaged area.

“I like to do new things, I like challenges so I said ‘Absolutely, let’s go!’ I’m not sure I fully understood what it meant and I’m not sure what it means now, but I do. We can’t wait and we’re going to have a lot of fun, ”Frank said.

Show what it really means to go further.

To support the Brady Faith Center, you can visit their website at


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