Brandon Marshall to host new show focusing on mental health in sport


Brandon Marshall has become one of the NFL’s pioneers when it comes to tackling mental health stigma. The next step for him will be to host a new show that addresses the issue of mental health in sport.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk Productions Grows The toughest opponent, a talk show hosted by Marshall.

“Ten years ago, I first spoke publicly about my diagnosis of borderline personality disorder,” Marshall said earlier this month, via “Now, I share the microphone. I have vowed to make my life the goal of removing the stigma of mental health in sport. I couldn’t be more excited to partner with Red Table Talk Productions to amplify the powerful truths of my fellow athletes. Mental health is part of the human condition, and athletes should not be required to check their humanity at the gate. The toughest opponent is a place they never have to.

More and more athletes have embraced the issue of mental health. Most understand that the people who play the games we watch are human beings, who face the same issues as the rest of us. The higher profile, pressure, scrutiny, and warped reality of social media only makes things more difficult. Marshall is at the forefront of those who try to make things a little easier.

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