Britney Spears speaks out on her newfound freedom, defends the rights of those living in guardianship and thanks #FreeBritney


Britney Spears has spoken of her newfound freedoms after being released from a strict legal guardianship that controlled her life for 13 years.

In one of her most detailed statements outside a courtroom since the rise of the #FreeBritney movement, Spears said she would stand up for the roughly 1.3 million Americans living under the legal system.

She also credited her fans with saving her life and hinted that she might be open to an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The pop star began her social media post by describing how much she appreciates his release from guardianship.

“I have been in the guardianship for 13 years,” she said.

“It takes a long time to be in a situation that you don’t want to be in.

“I’m just honestly grateful for each day.”

She said it was “little things” that she was now able to do that had improved her life.

“To be able to have the keys to my car, to be able to be independent and to feel like a woman.

“Having an ATM card, seeing cash for the first time, being able to buy candles. These are small things for us women but it makes a huge difference.

” I appreciate it. It’s good, it’s really good. “

Changing a “corrupt system”

Spears said she would defend people living under the same legal regime she experienced following a nervous breakdown in 2008.


Under the terms of legal guardianship, guardians can exercise enormous control over those who live under them. The lawyers likened the arrangements to a legal Wild West.

Until recently, all of her financial and personal affairs were handled by her father, Jamie Spears, who had a say in his daughter’s choices for 13 years.

One of the most shocking parts of Spears’ testimony in Los Angeles court in June was that she was not allowed to remove her contraceptive device so that she could try to get pregnant.

At the time, she called the restrictions “abusive” and said: “I just want my life back”.

“I’m here to stand up for people with real disabilities and real illnesses,” Spears said in the video posted to his social media.

“I’m a very strong woman, so I can only imagine what the system has done to these people.

“So I hope my story will have an impact and make some changes to the corrupt system.”

In October, Spears’ attorney, Matthew Rosengart, vowed to continue an investigation into Mr Spears and his handling of the guardianship.

Thanking the fans … and how does Oprah fit in?

Spears once again thanked the fans who pleaded for his release and credited them with saving his life.

“The Free Britney movement, you rock guys, my voice was so muffled and threatened for so long and I couldn’t speak or say anything,” she said.

“Because of you, honestly, I think you saved my life in a way. “

Adele and Oprah both wear light suits, laughing together sitting on patio furniture.
Oprah Winfrey interviewed Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex earlier this year and Adele this week.(SCS)

She also hinted at a potential Oprah Winfrey interview by tagging the American TV host on Twitter, who is famous for her hit interviews that grab the world’s attention.

Although Spears did include think, joke, and shrug emojis in the post.

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