‘Chalk the Walk, have the Talk’, Suicide Awareness and Prevention


(WBNG) — BC SAFE Coalition is holding its third annual week of action, “Chalk the Walk, Have the Talk” on World Suicide Prevention Day.

During this week of action, the community is invited to use chalk to embellish sidewalks and pavement with messages/images of hope and resilience.

“This event is an opportunity to encourage members of the community to discuss the fact that it’s okay not to be well,” said Marissa Knapp, public health educator and overdose prevention coordinator. Broome County Opioids. “We want people to chalk out messages of hope, a sun, a rainbow just encouraging people to talk about mental health.”

This campaign kicks off on September 10, World Suicide Prevention Day, and runs until September 16.

BC’s Community Mental Health Systems Coordinator, Heidi Mikeska, said addressing the stigma around suicide is key and it’s important to have open conversations.

“Just ask the question, ‘Are you okay?’ ‘How can I help you most often if you can let them have a conversation with you that’s the best first step and then from there you can say ‘Let’s see where we can get some resources or some help or connections,” Mikeska said.

Help promote suicide prevention, mental wellness and stigma reduction at the third annual Chalk the Walk, Have the Talk.

Post photos of your work on social media and tag them BC SAFE Coalition.

Enter your chalk art on line be considered for an award. The art contest opens on September 10 and ends on September 16 at 11:59 p.m.


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