Dartmouth Mental Health Center to expand support for young people


The Bridge on Elm Street in South Dartmouth provides psychological, emotional and spiritual care for those seeking healing and transformation.

It’s a place where people who need help coping with life’s difficulties can receive the guidance and comfort we all may need at one time or another.

Now The Bridge, under the leadership of its Executive Director, Reverend Scott Ciosek of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Dartmouth, is starting a new youth ministry and asking for your help.

Reverend Ciosek has enlisted the ever-popular Southcoast Brass Band to perform at a musical fundraiser on Sunday, August 28 from 3:30-5:30 p.m. at St. Peter’s, located at 351 Elm Street.

Reverend Ciosek and Dr. Michal Rocha stopped town square sunday this week to talk about the need for mental health services in this area and fundraising.

Ciosek said The Bridge is working with UMass Dartmouth and the Dartmouth Youth Advocate to kick off big outreach with youth and youth in the community.

“We will be offering youth social groups with interns from UMass Dartmouth to meet the huge demand we are receiving for dates for children, teens and young adults,” a- he declared.

Dr Rocha said the “Sunday Afternoon of Jazz” with the Southcoast Brass Band will be a special experience.

“We play music that really celebrates the vibe and feeling that happens in New Orleans,” he said. “Despite the difficulties of the past few years, music is the common thread and the thing that people celebrate.”

“We hope to spread some joy and support the work and idealism they do at The Bridge,” he said.

Tickets are $20 and can be obtained by calling (508) 997-0903 or emailing [email protected] Tickets may also be available at the door.

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