DK Metcalf talks about his mental health journey


DK Metcalf talks about his mental health journey

Over the past three years, 12s and football fans around the world have watched DK Metcalf blossom into a superstar NFL wide receiver. After falling in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft, Metcalf showed he was arguably the best receiver in his draft class by posting 58 catches for 900 yards and seven touchdowns as a rookie.

Those numbers improved in Metcalf’s sophomore year (83 rec, 1,303 yards, 10 TDs), earning the Ole Miss product a second-team All-Pro nod and a selection in the NFC Pro Bowl team. While Metcalf’s yards and receptions have leveled off a bit in 2021 as the Seahawks’ offense faced some struggles, the third-year receiver still set a new career high with 12 touchdowns. this season.

Yet despite all the work Metcalf has put in to improve on the football pitch, it’s clear that he has also worked to improve. Recently, Metcalf sat down with Taylor Rooks of Turner Sports to discuss his journey with mental health and learning to control his emotions over the past season, which has included seeing a therapist, as well as counseling of his veteran teammate Bobby Wagner.

“I was struggling with a lot of old habits that I was doing,” Metcalf said. “Like last year and my rookie year, I was able to get away with grabbing someone’s face mask or talking loudly and the ref couldn’t hear me, but there’s a lot of eyes on me now, and I didn’t realize it.”

Metcalf mentioned that Bobby Wagner pulled him aside and told him to think about his future, which was kind of a red flag. “He was like, ‘Look, you’re not the same DK anymore. You’re not a rookie anymore, you’re not a second-year player anymore. You’re a superstar, so start acting like one. People are always going to try to get under your skin, so just be on top of it.'”

Along with discussions with teammates, friends and family, Metcalf says professional help from a therapist changed his outlook not just on football, but on life as a whole. “It’s helped me a lot, just with my outlook on life and the way I behave, and everything in general,” he said. “I see life and football differently. I cherish them more. I cherish relationships more. I don’t get angry as much anymore, because I’m above it all.”


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