‘Donald’s’ mental health ‘deteriorates’ even further under attack, says Mary Trump


Donald Trump’s psychologist niece said on Friday the drumbeat of damning information against the former president from the ‘compelling’ January 6 House Select Committee hearings was having a painful impact on his already ‘deteriorated’ mental health .

And he’s probably making everyone around him more miserable than ever because of it, Mary Trump told Daily Beast reporter Mollie Jong-Fast on “The new abnormal” podcast.

“He’s addicted to being the center of attention. I’m sure he’s as fascinated by these audiences as we are, but in completely different ways,” Mary Trump said. “And for him to feel that attention turns away from him or loses power will make it worse because he won’t confront it, deal with it, and deal with it…and therefore make his situation worse.”

More than ever, his “temper, uncontrollable narcissism, must be unspeakably difficult for the people around him to handle.” Not that I have any sympathy for any of them at this point,” she said. “But, yeah, it’s only going to get worse from here.”

She said nothing shocks her about her uncle anymore, even after listening to the revelations during the House committee’s televised hearings, which she called “must-see TV” that is “incredibly well-crafted.”

But what surprised her was what she sees as her army of silent enablers.

“The most glaring part of these hearings is probably what people around Donald knew, how long they knew,” she told Jong-Fast. “Again, none of this should shock us. None of his behavior should shock us. None of his nastiness should shock us. But how long[ses partisans]remained silent, how long they protected him, knowing what they knew…when there was an opportunity to do something, even after Jan. 6,” Trump said.[hissupporters}stayedsilenthowlongtheyprotectedhimknowingwhattheyknewwhentherewasanopportunitytodosomethingevenafterJan6”Trumpsaid[hissupporters}stayedsilenthowlongtheyprotectedhimknowingwhattheyknewwhentherewasanopportunitytodosomethingevenafterJan6”Trumpsaid

The “silence, the empowerment, the fact that they continue to admire him is so blatant and almost incomprehensible,” she said.

The full podcast is available below (Mary Trump’s segment starts around 37:00 p.m.):


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