‘Dry January’ raises awareness of alcohol addiction | Minnesota


A local drug treatment center has seen the impact of increased alcohol consumption during the pandemic.

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Some New Year’s resolutions involve putting the bottle down.

“Dry January” is when people choose to abstain from alcohol as a personal challenge.

MN Adult and Teen Challenge says there has been a dramatic increase in alcohol overdoses and addiction issues since the pandemic began.

Isolation and lack of connection during the pandemic could cause people to drink more.

Tom Truzinski, director of the MN Adult And Teen Challenge, says online alcohol sales are up more than 250% from last year.

People stay home and drink – get their booze delivered – he says people fear COVID more than their addiction.

Truzinski hopes Dry January will raise awareness of alcohol addiction.

“Maybe this will bring awareness to, ‘Man, I’m more independent of this, I’m using this a lot more than I imagined,’ and you can start to see that and you can start to take positive action. , ” he says.

If you see you have a problem, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

“When there’s awareness, and there’s understanding, and there’s a community that does it together like Dry January – it’s more doable and it’s something we can really relate to. as a community,” says Truzinski.

According to a 2021 US survey of dry January – 79% of participants wanted to be healthier overall – 63% wanted to break an unhealthy drinking pattern – and 49% said they had drunk too much during the pandemic.


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