Experts give advice as rip current awareness week continues | News


MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Mackenzie McClintock of Florida’s South Walton Fire District knows all about what rip currents can do.

And for Current Affairs Awareness Week, she’s sharing this information to keep people safe on our beaches.

“Last year we had four deaths related to rip currents. So this is something we take very seriously. And we hope that with the current awareness week ahead of the visit of our large holiday population spring, that will really help us protect people this year,” McClintock said.

Many things can help you identify a rip current such as water texture, water movement, and even color.

But the biggest help in staying safe is simply finding your nearest lifeguard.

“All lifeguards are going to tell you the same thing, rip currents can be a threat to anyone. It doesn’t matter how strong a swimmer they think they are,” McClintock said.

And if someone gets caught, it’s also important to know what not to do. This includes tactics such as forming a human chain.

“If we can discourage that and encourage the use of emergency services, calling 911 and notifying rescuers, then we will have a successful awareness week,” McClintock said.

You can also visit your city’s Facebook page from home for more information before you even set foot near the water.

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