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Episode 11 focuses on children and their parents’ impact on them in another drama-filled chapter.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 11, “Sins We Undiscovered,” contains spoilers.

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When we try to live through our children, it can have an undesirable outcome. What Chun-hui and Eun-pyo are going through is nothing new. Their desperation seeped into their child’s mind. Episode 11 shows how pressure can break a child.

Green Mothers Club summary of season 1, episode 11

Episode 11 opens with Dong-seok with his parents in the car after his recent nervous breakdown. They take Dong-seok to a child therapist at a therapy center. Eun-pyo looks worried and sad. The therapist tells the parents that while Dong-seok is intellectually developed, he is not emotionally on the same level. Late at night, Eun-pyo has a nightmare where Dong-seok is trapped in a paint shop. When she wakes up, she blames herself for what happened to her son, but her husband tries to assure her that it’s not her fault – she doesn’t buy his comfort but wonders if there might be a another reason for their son’s depression. Eun-pyo gets into the “blame game” and points the finger at the academy and everyone else. At this point, she is in denial.

Chun-hui asks her daughter, Yu-bin, why she keeps lying to people. Yu-bin sobs and tells her mother she wants to stop lying, but they keep dating. The husband blames Chun-hui, believing that she pushed her children too much and made their daughter a pathological liar. Yu-bin asks her mother if she’s going crazy, but Chun-hui reassures her that her father is angry and they’ll figure out what happened.

Dong-seok’s troubles continue, with the young boy locking himself in a room, which makes Eun-pyo anxious. She finds it in a closet. The father, Jae-ung, takes a calmer approach and offers his hand to Dong-seok, then wins. And then, Eun-pyo learns from the child therapist that Dong-seok felt his mother’s desperation for him to succeed, and it weighed heavily on him. He realizes to Eun-pyo that it’s her fault – she pushed her child to collapse.

Eun-pyo hugs Dong-seok and sincerely apologizes to him for not considering his feelings. She tells him that she has only one wish: to see him smile happily. Dong-seok tells his mother that he misses Henry and wants to see him, which will make him happy.

Chun-hui learns from a pediatrician that her daughter continues to lie out of anxiety; her daughter also had too much pressure to handle due to the need for a parent’s approval. Chun-hui tells her daughter that lies don’t work in the end, so it’s better not to start them. Eun-pyo and Chun-hui continue to demonstrate how similar they are.

Eun-pyo requests a meeting with Louis. She asks him if Dong-seok can spend time with his son Henry as he is the only person he will talk to. Louis understands and apologizes to her for getting angry with her during recent altercations. Eun-pyo wonders why Jin-ha killed herself when she was talented and beautiful.

Eun-pyo meets Jin-ha’s mother-in-law, and she tells him that she felt like Jin-ha “had it all”. The mother-in-law wonders why Eun-pyo thought like that and states that Jin-ha’s biological mother suffered from schizophrenia and was afraid that she would grow up. Eun-pyo finally understands what it was like to be Jin-ha; she didn’t have the ideal life after all. Eun-pyo reenacts how she treated Jin-ha in her head, including the time she accused her of having a mental illness. She sobs, realizing that Jin-ha really wanted a strong bond with her – Jin-ha’s obsession with friendship was to fill a void, an emotional need.

Eun-pyo visits Jin-ha’s memorial and apologizes to her for never really seeing her as a friend.

The end

Eun-pyo visits the children’s therapist, and they both wonder if Dong-seok has been feeling down lately because his friend, Henry, left. As she leaves the therapy center, she bumps into Chun-hui. Their confrontation seems softer than in recent events. Can they forgive each other? Is there a way they can be friends?

Episode 11 focuses on children and their parents’ impact on them in another drama-filled chapter.

Additional points

  • Yu-jun gets into a fight with Jul-pin’s mother, Yeong-mi, causing a scene in front of other children and parents.
  • Yeong-mi finds out who attacked the children with her children’s glass jar – it was her husband who did it. She justifies her husband’s actions and explains that their father is an artist, so he is passionate.

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