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We bet a lot of us have had the wrong hairstyles or haircuts at least once in our lives and had no choice but to live with them.

A woman in India, however, took matters into her own hands after a bad haircut.

According to a BBC report, the woman, who is a model, went to a salon to have her hair cut.

The report states that in 2018, the model visited a salon, part of a leading hotel chain in Dubai, to have her hair cut and gave specific instructions on the look she wanted.

The salon apparently cut her hair shorter than she wanted.

The angry model took the case to consumer courts, where the salon was ordered to pay her 20 million rupees (RM 1.14 million) in damages for giving her a bad haircut.

In its decision, a consumer court noted that the woman was getting jobs at hair product companies because of her long hair, but the poor haircut caused her enormous loss.

The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) was quoted in the report as saying the model had lost “her expected assignments and suffered a tremendous loss that completely changed her lifestyle and shattered her dream of becoming a top model.”

“She suffered a severe nervous breakdown and trauma from neglect (…)

Court documents revealed that the hairdresser cut her hair short, “leaving only 4 inches of the top touching her shoulder.”

“She stopped seeing herself in the mirror. She is a communication professional and should be involved in meetings and interactive sessions. But she lost confidence in herself because of her small hair, ”indicates the court order.

The model said she was offered free hair treatment when she complained about a bad haircut.

“She also suffered loss of earnings due to a nervous breakdown after the poor-quality haircut and, subsequently, the torture hair treatment. She also quit her job. She suffered pain and trauma for the past two years after this incident, ”the court said.

The salon is however authorized to appeal the verdict.



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