Horrifying confession of Wales’ worst serial killer ‘the chilled blood of a lawyer’


The lawyer who defended Wales’ worst serial killer has revealed his client ‘frozen his blood’ by shockingly admitting he had ‘killed for fun’.

Notorious serial killer Peter Moore – nicknamed ‘the Man in Black’ – carried out a series of violent sexual assaults on men over the age of 20 in North Wales and Merseyside, culminating in the murder of four men in the fall of 1995.

He killed Henry Roberts, Edward Carthy, Keith Randles, and Tony Davies in violent, frenzied attacks, with each victim sustaining multiple stab wounds.

His lawyer, Dylan Jones, said he had no regrets defending the killer, but revealed the case had taken a toll on him and led him to a nervous breakdown and thoughts suicidal years later.

Former criminal barrister Dylan Jones, of Abergele, represented Wales’ most notorious serial killer, Peter Moore

And he says his blood ran cold when Moore told him: ‘I did it for fun, it was easy,’ reports Wales Online.

Mr Jones, now a lecturer in law at Wrexham University, said: ‘There was a front that was well spoken and measured. It made the process of talking to him easier, but when he said things like “I killed that person for fun” to you, it made your blood run cold.

“When you’re sitting there and he says he thought he did a good job killing someone who gets cold when delivered in such a calm and reasoned way.”

Edward Carthy who was murdered by serial killer Peter Moore

Mr Jones later concluded that Moore was a psychopath, but despite being alone in the cells with him for hours at the time, he said he was never afraid.

However, he was forced to hear grim details about the case, including Moore telling him that stabbing someone was like sticking a knife in butter.

The mental toll of the case led him to a nervous breakdown and suicidal thoughts a decade later.

He added: “Of course, it is a very moving thing to be confronted with the facts of murders which are out of the ordinary and are quite unpleasant.

moore collect
Moore was jailed for life in 1996 for stabbing four men to death

“Nothing prepared me, as a lawyer or police officer involved, to deal with the nature of the murders for which Peter Moore was responsible.

“It’s something I’m aware of now. The effect this had on me, I would not have tolerated at the time.

“In the end, the case cost me dearly. I had a nervous breakdown nine or ten years later. The case still haunted me.

“I had PTSD and flashbacks of people running behind me and stabbing me. I was unable to concentrate properly. I was in the hospital at the end.

“My best friend came to my house. I planned to kill myself and he took me to the local psychiatric hospital. I got the help I needed.

“I don’t regret having done the deal. I don’t even regret having the breakdown. I learned so much about myself, my friends and family and who you can and can’t rely on.

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Moore was jailed in November 1996 for the murders of four men in the shooting that shocked the nation.

He is currently serving a life sentence in Wakefield Prison, nicknamed Monster Mansion, whose current inmates include White House Farm killer Jeremy Bamber, notorious pedophile Sidney Cooke and prolific rapist Reynhard Sinaga.

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