In support of Eating Disorders Awareness Week, the National Eating Disorders Alliance is hosting the 2nd Annual NOT ONE MORE Weekend in February


WEST PALM BEACH, Florida., January 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — About 29 million Americans will suffer from an eating disorder in their lifetime, but only 1/3 will receive treatment. the National Alliance for Eating Disorders (The Alliance) works tirelessly to change current statistics by connecting individuals to the care they need and deserve. At Friday February 25Sunday, February 27, 2022, The Alliance will welcome his 2n/a Annual NOT ONE MORE weekend in support of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Proceeds from the event will directly fund That of the Alliance Free weekly therapist-led eating disorder support groups held online nationwide.

NOT ONE MORE virtual program, which attracted more than 2,600 participants in 2021, is based on the three pillars of The AllianceTo help. Support. Recovery. and will offer a day of programming dedicated to each pillar. Additionally, as the leading national nonprofit providing referrals, education and support for all eating disorders, The Alliance will pay tribute to the singer/actor/lawyer Demi Lovato with the “Global Changemaker Award” for their advocacy and the significant impact they have created for people with eating disorders.

“NOT ONE MORE is a national movement to ensure that NO more lives are lost, NO more children are abducted, and NO more precious moments are destroyed by this insidious disease,” says Johanna KandelFounder/CEO of The Alliance. “We encourage individuals to come together as a community so that no one more has to go through this alone.

“I am deeply grateful to be recognized by the Alliance community and to support it,” explains Demi Lovato. “I believe in leading with heart and passion and also using lived experience to create tangible change – especially in an often overlooked space like this. The National Eating Disorders Alliance community is truth-telling and offers a voice and perspective that is often lacking, and I deeply appreciate the profound impact that their work and their community have and continue to have.”

NOT ONE MORE will close the weekend with its “Rally for Recovery” with a special motivational message from Demi Lovato and a list of inspirational speakers, including Aija Mayrock, Megan Jayne Crabbe, Schuyler Bailar, Elisa Donovan, and much more.

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The National Eating Disorders Alliance is the leading national non-profit organization providing referral, education and support for all eating disorders. Because October 2000, The Alliance has worked tirelessly to raise awareness; eliminate secrecy and stigma; promote access to care; and support those currently suffering or recovering from eating disorders and their loved ones.

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