Leicester City 0-3 Chelsea – 5 talking points as Blues extend lead with dominating victory



With a dominant victory over Leicester City, Chelsea increased their Premier League lead to six.

The Blues had the chance to claim their right and sit down as their rivals tried to close the gap.

Thomas Tuchel’s team have won four of their previous five international breakaways. They don’t seem to have lost a step during the break.

Leicester beat Leicester 1-0 at Wembley in the FA Cup final. Chelsea appear to be strengthening six months later, with Antonio Rudiger scoring in the first half and N’Golo Kante scoring in the second.

Rudiger returned home from the corner, but his teammate was able to travel. Rudiger finally passed Kasper Schmeichel.

As might be expected, the Foxes produced a significantly better performance in the second half, but they failed to break through the Blues’ defense.

Christian Pulisic, who returned to Leicester after a long absence, was able to put salt in Leicester’s injuries instead.

Here are five things to take away from the comfortable title victory.

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1 Non-comfortable house

For Leicester, King Power is not a pleasant hunting ground. Already, the Foxes have already lost more than they’ve won on their home turf this season – three to two.

Following the successes of Arsenal and Manchester City in their respective campaigns, Chelsea finished third.

It is not a new phenomenon. Last season, the Foxes preferred to play on the road. They only lost three games despite being beaten nine times at King Power.

These woes will be of no use to their ambitions, as teams at the top of the table are often known to be tough to beat at home.

There already seems to be a risk of a nervous breakdown, as Leicester’s dubious origins were a major talking point ahead of Chelsea’s loss.

Watford and Newcastle will be their next opponents at King Power. A loss to these two teams could seriously sound the alarm bells for their results at home.

2 No Rom, no problem

Romelu Lukaku, who was signed for a record club fee this summer, was quickly hailed as the last piece of the puzzle.

His first goal was a highlight. However, his efforts have slowed down and he now has four goals. He is currently injured but Chelsea have not been in trouble.

If they can be a better team without the Belgian present at the match, the Blues are still able to score when he is not there.

Rudiger and Kante both scored their second goals for Leicester. They could have been further ahead at half-time.

Tuchel has seen 15 different players score in the Chelsea league this season. This includes several of its defenders.

While title hopes may count on a talented shooter, that doesn’t mean not having a 25-goal scorer is a problem. Manchester City continue to prove it.

3 all eyes on Rodgers

This week, questions were asked of the Northern Irishman about the possibility of him taking over from Manchester United.

Rodgers, if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is fired, would be the best candidate for Old Trafford.

However, everyone seems to be watching their every move and questions are immediately asked when their team is unable to resolve their issues.

This speculation is not the right thing for him or for the club, regardless of their poor home record and their corner collections.

It’s important to note that although Leicester have mixed him up with Rodgers over the past two seasons, this Foxes side are working with far fewer resources than their counterparts.

While a home loss to Chelsea over the decades is nothing to complain about, it looks like Rodgers has made a new connection to the Pastures.

4 CHO in quest

It’s a sign of a great player to turn down international opportunities to focus on his club form. But that’s exactly what Callum Hudson Odoi did.

The 21-year-old has no shortage of competition at Stamford Bridge. He felt that going with the English U21s was not his best interest, which led to a mixed opinion.

However, Chelsea’s minutes are not guaranteed due to the depth of their squad. Hudson-Odoi appears to have found his place in Chelsea’s top three and his performances suggest his immense potential may soon be unleashed.

Tuchel recently said: “He’s clearly on the right track – you can see him in games and how effective he is. I feel he is very focused. He waited a long time for those chances and now they are.

5 Magnet Rudiger’s Leicester

He has only scored eight league goals for Chelsea, and three of them against Leicester at King Power. The German clearly wants it.

The Blues were on their way when the center-back peaked and returned home.

Leicester City have conceded eight more set-piece goals this season than any Premier League side. Rudiger was happy to help.

The defender’s performance takes place in an uncertain future as his contract comes to an end.

Rudiger is asking for a raise and it looks like he deserves it.



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