Letters to the editor: Mental illness can make life difficult


Mental illness can complicate the life of the person diagnosed and those around them. No matter the type of mental illness: bipolar to Asperger’s syndrome, the list goes on.

Summit County Clubhouse is a relatively new non-profit organization whose mission is to provide an inclusive community in which all adults living with a mental health diagnosis can reach their highest potential.

Clubhouse is a recovery-based support community for adults living with mental illness that provides opportunities for friendship, employment, education, community, and access to other important services in one environment. benevolent and safe. The Clubhouse Model is based on more than 70 years of statistics showing that Clubhouse membership reduces rates of suicide, hospitalization and incarceration associated with mental illness.

On Friday, November 4, Summit County Clubhouse will participate in the 12e annual LIVE PC GIVE PC event, sponsored by the Park City Community Foundation. We hope that everyone who knows and cares about someone living with mental illness considers our mission worthy of your donation.

Visit the livepcgivepc.org website and consider contributing to the Summit County Clubhouse during this 24-hour virtual event or anytime.

Joel Fine

Summit County Club Board of Directors


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