Mayim Bialik details ‘frightening’ impact of Covid-19 on mental health – Film News |


Mayim Bialik has been battling a new level of anxiety since catching Covid-19.

The Big Bang Theory actress told fans on Monday that she had been struck down by the virus, uploading a video to her Bialik Breakdown podcast.

She’s now updated her fans, and while she’s feeling better physically, the implications for her mental health have left her a bit blindsided.

“What I didn’t anticipate is that I have a new level of anxiety about going out,” she said in a new Instagram video. “I’ve certainly been very vigilant and while traveling in the safest way possible… Part of me feels guilty for being out. I feel guilty. I feel sad. And I worry for the world again and our health in the world.

“The mental health impact of this – especially for those of us who already suffer from anxiety or are predisposed to catastrophic thinking – is really scary. And I know it will pass. The intensity will pass. .”

Her former The Big Bang Theory co-star Melissa Rauch helped Mayim through her difficult time, but sent her “an amazing care package of soup and throat tea.”

Jeopardy, 46 years old! the host added that her energy levels were still quite low, but that she felt better overall.

“It’s not the same as the flu,” Mayim said. “You don’t hear about ‘long flu’. It’s a very different type of virus…Be careful. Stay safe.”


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