McNeese alumnus annoyed by speeding on campus


Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) – It’s been several years since a student was hit or killed near McNeese, but complacency could change that.

Thomas Sias remembers a tragedy as a student and worries about the number of speeders he sees flying at McNeese State University.

“We had an incident where a student was hit by a vehicle, and another student was hit before that,” Sias said.

Sias hopes increased awareness, more patrols, signage, and perhaps other precautions will help.

“If they put a crosswalk it would help – it would probably help,” Sias said.

Sias thinks Common Street between Sale and McNeese is the worst. But he says it’s bad in other school zones too.

“It’s not just this school zone here, as well as other school zones that I see it in as well,” Sias said. “Upon entering a school zone, I lowered my speed to 25 and they had people shoot me.”

He reminds people that it is 25 from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. at McNeese and only 35 after school hours.

“It’s 35 hours after 4 a.m. and before 7 a.m. [a.m.]; it is 25 during school days and during 7 hours [a.m.] to 4 [p.m.]. “

A spokesperson for McNeese said university and city police often conduct traffic control operations on the streets around campus.

They urge the public to obey speed limits and keep students safe

In addition, a spokesperson for the Lake Charles Police Department said they are monitoring school zones throughout the city.

The spokesperson says that when complaints from citizens for speeding are received, they are assigned to the traffic division for surveillance.

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