Mental Health Care Provider Aims To Offer More Treatment Options Access To Virginia


RICHMOND, Virginia (WWBT) – As the world nears its third year of life in the midst of a pandemic, conversations around mental health become even more critical.

According to the “State of Mental Health Report,” in 2020 Virginia had the highest need for mental health services and the lowest in terms of access to those resources.

The report showed that 53% of all young people in Virginia who experienced major depressive episodes did not receive treatment. Virginia also ranked 39th among all states for overall access to care for youth and adults and 47th for adults with mental illness, who report not being able to receive the treatment they had. need.

“The pandemic has shown us a slight increase in the number of people reaching out and needing access to care,” said clinical social worker Dr. Nicole Erkfitz.

Erkfitz specializes in connecting people with mental health resources and has seen the pandemic’s toll on the Commonwealth.

“One of the missions that we really want to make sure we deliver is accessible in terms of teaching people about mental health and mental health services, and raising awareness of people about substance use disorders and to mental health, ”Erkfitz said.

Erkfitz is the new Virginia Executive Director of AMFM Healthcare, expanding its reach from the West Coast to Virginia to help provide people with more mental health treatment options.

AMFM Healthcare specializes in providing multi-faceted treatments for the diagnosis and management of mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and substance abuse. This month AMFM Health services announcement the launch of their residential mental health facility in Virginia.

“We have an eight-bed residential facility here, and we look forward to expanding and serving Northern Virginia, including an expansion of outpatient clinics that will provide virtual services to those who need this access to care,” Erkfitz said. “It is important to feel that you have choice in your mental health care, and it is important to feel that you are connected to the mission and that it is right for you. “

For more information on AMFM Santé, click on HERE. A list of additional mental health resources across the state of Virginia can also be found. HERE.

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