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The story of a new minibus, told through iconic lyrics to popular Britney Spears songs

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Before we start this review, let’s go back and review some entertainment gossip. I know, it’s Conduct, and you didn’t come here for your dose of entertainment, but that’s what you get. Pop sensation Britney Spears had a nervous breakdown many years ago (early 2008), and who could blame her? She felt the pressure to be on top of the world. Since then, she has been under guardianship where her father controls, among other things, all her finances. Cut to 2020, #FreeBritney has started making its way on social media, where fans and celebrities have defended the star, who in 2021 demanded an end to the guardianship, under which she suffered abuse. Since last week, his father has been suspended as a curator. There is a lot more to this story, but it’s a story for a different site. To move on.


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Maybe it was the relevance of the news that got me thinking about all of his iconic songs, but I slowly began to make connections on the connection between Kia’s new carnival and many Britney songs.

Should we revisit the Kia Carnival with well-known songs sung by the pop icon herself? Absolutely not. Will I do it? Yes I am, because I can. If you don’t have any prior knowledge of Britney’s lyrics then I’m sorry you didn’t understand all of the lyrical references. Also, I’m sorry you are not a Britney fan, you are missing something.

“(You drive Me crazy”

Have you ever heard a song and a thought, lyric for ly, that describes how you feel? This song is exactly how I felt before entering the 2022 Kia Carnival – well, maybe not verbatim, that would be extremely weird – and there’s no reason anyone should be so excited about it. idea of ​​driving a minivan. Yet here I am, “I just can’t sleep. I just want to be sure, “That I don’t waste my feelings on you.”


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At first I thought the name Carnival was an odd choice for a minivan. But I have to say it’s growing in me. I think that’s a good name for a family car, and I’ll tell you why. At the carnival you can eat snacks, play fun games, wreak havoc, get a stomach ache, and if you’re lucky the circus is in town.

Here at the Kia Carnival, “I’m like the leader, it’s me who decides.” And the circus (my family) is still here and ready to deliver the ultimate mess of snacks, games and, yes, stomach aches!

No matter the mess, this circus travels with Carnival, and Carnival has all the space to travel well.

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    First drive: Kia Carnival 2022

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It’s the story of a Millennial named Mom. Early in the morning, I wake up, knock, knock, knock on my door. It’s time to prepare breakfast, pretend a smile, the children are waiting for me. They are leaving, isn’t she adorable, this millennial mother of three children? Just kidding, nobody says that!


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So how does Carnival compare to “Lucky,” a girl who has everything and is the epitome of beauty and glory, but who cries because she feels lonely.

Well look at the pictures, Kia thought outside of the minivan box. They have a pretty cool minivan, which is way more than any other minivan – there are only four others sold in Canada – can tell. Carnival has a lot to prove, and as we all know looks (beauty and celebrity) can be deceiving. For now, she (the Carnival) is the star of the show. And although she’s winning me over slowly, she has a lot to prove to a world full of SUV enthusiasts – it’s lonely out there.


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“I’m not a girl, not a woman yet”

Well, the story of Kia’s minivan is a bit confusing. In North America, we were familiar with the Sedona, and the Carnival debuted as a 2022 model. However, in other parts of the world, Carnival has been around for some time. It is not a new vehicle, nor an established and well-known vehicle across the country. In other words, not a girl, but not a woman yet. To find?

Obviously, Carnival isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – I’ve seen quite a few on the roads before. For a starting price of $ 34,795 (the top tested version starts at $ 48,595), it’s no surprise that big families are interested in this minivan.

There is no need to protect Kia, the company has tested minivan models in the past and seen a lot more than we know. I feel like Kia is caught in the middle, that’s when I realized all the business needs is time.


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It takes a moment for designers to sit in that useless reclining captain’s chair in the middle row to understand how nonsense that makes, and maybe then, they’ll realize it’s toxic. .

Frankly, I think it’s dangerous for children. Of course my son had fun bending over it while the van was parked in the driveway, but it is unusable with a car seat in it. Also, while I wish I could lie down comfortably, I prefer to do it at home, while watching a movie on a large TV.

Kia Carnival 2022
Kia Carnival 2022 Photo by Renita Naraine

It’s a good idea and recliners work well in those fancy movie theaters or in your home, but in a van it can only lead to toxic behavior on the road. Brit says it best:

“With a taste of a poisoned paradise, I’m addicted to you. Don’t you know you’re toxic – I’m afraid the more you use the recliner, the more you’ll enjoy it, which sounds good at first. However, what does this mean for the person sitting behind you? You will be so used to comfort that you will forget / ignore the needs of the third person, who is currently suffering with no space.


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“Oops! … I did it again”

This minibus played with my heart.

Let’s start with the outside. To like. I love that someone took a minute to think about the style. I love minivans no matter how they look (because space is my number one priority), but this one has to be the prettiest I’ve seen – although there isn’t much compete with just four other minivans in the Canadian market. The rear of the Carnival reminds me of the square rear of the Yukon, more like a big SUV rather than a big minivan. And as always, it has a lot more cargo space than a three-row SUV.

Kia Carnival 2022
Kia Carnival 2022 Photo by Renita Naraine

So how much do I really like this minivan? Again Brit said it best: “It may sound like a crush, but that doesn’t mean I’m serious.”

“Give me more”

There is a lot to like, but there is also a lot of room for improvement. In other words, “Give me, give me more, give me more.” Repeat x10.


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Yes, the seats are comfortable, but if you have car seats attached in the middle row, it is quite difficult to access the third row.

The top trim has no rear seat entertainment, no hybrid system, no vacuum – all of the features offered by other brands of minivans, and the Pacifica offers all three – well, it’s not. also known as an Odyssey. With an average of 12.0 L / 100 km in the city and 8.9 L / 100 km on the highway, it’s not the highest fuel economy rating, but it’s a non-hybrid van, we couldn’t really expect better than this.

If you’re not already a fan of minivans then it’s hard to explain how great and practical I think they are, and why they add so much value to very different lifestyles. I think my uncle said it best: “If you’ve never owned a minivan then you don’t know what you’re missing out on. “

And if you’re not already a Britney Spears fan, this is your sign to go stream some of her music, or better yet, watch some of her iconic music videos on YouTube.


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