More QPS students seeking mental health help due to pandemic



QUINCY (WGEM) – More schools are seeing a continued increase in mental health issues related to COVID-19, including public schools in Quincy.

Figures released by the district show that there are around 90 students and QPS staff who have COVID-19.

With the number of cases increasing and the duration of the global pandemic, QHS social worker Morgan Fox said she has seen more students seeking help for anxiety and depression.

Fox said about 25% of 1,925 high school students have asked for help.

“Just adjusting to being isolated for so long and then coming back to a building that has so many students and just trying to navigate the world we live in now,” Fox said.

Many of them have developed anxiety about juggling homework and jobs during the pandemic, or having to quarantine themselves away from friends.

Superintendent Roy Webb said students at all grade levels are affected.

“We have our family student support links, we have our counselors, we have our social workers, we have our administration,” Webb said. “I think right now everyone is taking care of the issues and trying to help where they can.”

Fox said the high school is better prepared to help students this year because it now also offers school-based counseling through an outside agency.

“It was really good that we were able to help out,” Fox said. It has been favorable. But I also think we kind of anticipated this increase in anxiety and mental health issues last year, so I think overall we were a lot more prepared. “

Webb said teachers and staff can also see school counselors for their own mental health, as the pandemic is affecting them as well.

Here are some signs your child might need to seek help with their mental health:

  • Disinterest in social activities
  • Getting too emotional
  • Have a sudden change in appetite

If you or someone you know is suicidal, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 800-273-8255.

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