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Announcement from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

On June 16, 2022 at 12:15 p.m. our deputies responded to IHOP on 176th St E and Canyon Rd E to assist Central Pierce Fire & Rescue (CPFR) with a man who was having an episode of mental health and believed that people were trying to hurt him. Firefighters called for help because the man was agitated and they feared he would become aggressive with them.

When our deputies arrived, they were kind, respectful, caring, and compassionate. They helped the man calm down and put him at ease to receive treatment.

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The CPFR noted the professionalism shown by our deputies in this tense situation and wrote a letter of congratulations for their actions:

“When your officers arrived, Deputy Inga Hess immediately began to defuse the situation. As soon as you arrived, the methodical, calm, professional and genuinely caring approach to the patient changed the whole mood at the scene. The patient continued visibly feeling more comfortable Our teams worked with Deputy David Sutherland to find a positive resolution to the situation and eventually the patient was transported by Deputy Rebecca Eckhart to the Recovery Response Center (RRC) in Fife .

Because of the genuine concern, de-escalation techniques, and professional approach of your deputies, this interaction, by my definition, is another model example of how a response to behavioral emergencies should occur.

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