Newport employer ranked # 1 in employee mental health


the Initial Public Offering, which currently employs around 1,500 people, received the Gold Workplace Wellbeing Award from the Mind for Mental Health charity in its latest Workplace Report. This saw the Initial Public Offering first in the UK in the Employer Assessment section with a perfect score of 100%, and fifth in the UK overall.

The spirit of saying that the gold standard is given to:

employers who have successfully integrated mental health into their policies and practices, demonstrating a long-term and deep commitment to employee mental health.

According to Mind’s latest report, 87% of staff at Initial Public Offering said they felt consulted on how the organization should be run and how to promote well-being. 90% said they encourage openness and discussion about mental health. Another 85% also said the organization allows for open talk when it comes to mental health issues.

The award reflects the range of initiatives at Initial Public Offering to support the mental well-being of staff. These include a network of mental health rescuers, fully qualified staff counselors and a dedicated wellness team. Conferences and seminars are held regularly for employees by expert speakers on issues ranging from menopause to gut health awareness. Staff are also supported to seize local volunteering opportunities, working with organizations such as the Prince’s Trust.

the Initial Public Offering say engagement with staff is central to their goal of making it a brilliant place to work. the Initial Public OfferingTim Moss chief executive said:

Our role is to help make the UK the most innovative and creative country in the world; one of the pillars of our strategy to achieve this is to Initial Public Offering a brilliant place to work and I am delighted that the excellent work done by the team is recognized by this award.

We believe in an inclusive workplace, a place where everyone has the confidence to be themselves at work and feels supported in the face of any challenges they may face, and the wealth of ideas and initiatives emanating from our staff will remain at the heart of its creation.

Recognizing the work accomplished by the Initial Public Offering who led to the award, Jodie Swanbo, Head of Work Engagement and Workplace Well-being at Mind Cymru, said:

It inspires me to see how the Initial Public Offering has taken such positive steps to support the mental health of its employees. Over the past year, the coronavirus pandemic has affected all of our lives; the way we work has fundamentally changed, whether it’s working on the front line or working from home. Employers like the Initial Public Offering have faced and continue to face significant challenges in effectively supporting the well-being of their populations in this new and uncertain context.

Despite the difficult times we have all experienced recently, the staff at Initial Public Offering told us that they feel heard and that there is an open culture around mental health. I look forward to seeing how their approach to well-being at work continues to evolve.

Note to editors

the Initial Public Offering is the official body of the UK government responsible for intellectual property rights, including patents, designs, trademarks and copyright. It currently employs approximately 1,500 people in a wide range of roles, from analysts and architects to service designers, user researchers, finance and human resources specialists.

the Initial Public Offering was accredited for the first time with the gold award for well-being at work by MIND in 2018. It retained this following re-evaluation in 2021. The Initial Public Offering was ranked 5th out of 114 organizations included in the MIND Index this year, and came first in the Employer Rating section.

the Initial Public Offering works with a range of external organizations, including Investors in People (IIP), Business Disability Forum, MIND, and Chwarae Teg, who provide feedback and help provide a safe and inclusive workplace for all.

the Initial Public OfferingThe 2018-21 strategy published by the sets out a series of measures with the aim of making Initial Public Offering a great place to work. It is part of the Initial Public Offeringcomprehensive strategy to make the UK the most innovative and creative country in the world.

the Initial Public Offering is an executive agency of the Department of Economic, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

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