Opinion / Editorial: Improving student mental health | Editorial


Welcome to the new world of public education, where students need mental health services like never before.

“Our schools have become involuntary mental health systems for many students,” said Ali Harshaw, a member of the Albemarle County Reinforced Council staff.

One in six children nationwide suffers from a mental health disorder, according to the University of Iowa College of Education.

“In today’s world, K-12 students experience higher levels of anxiety, depression and trauma than previous generations,” according to a March 2020 college article, “this which makes the need for school mental health resources more urgent than ever ”.

And according to UVaToday, up to 80% of young people do not have access to mental health services in their community, “which means school providers – counselors, psychologists, nurses and social workers – must fill the void.”

The question has been around for a long time. By 2000, the problem was already serious enough to have been called a “crisis” and prompted a federal conference of general surgeons to develop strategies to deal with this crisis.

In other words, we now have more children whose parents themselves suffered from mental and emotional illnesses – parents who may never have healed and may not be able to. wisely raise their own offspring.


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