Rochester Crisis Center Impacts Community Mental Health


Since then, more than 800 people have used crisis intervention services, including more than 375 stays in SERCC’s short-term residential programs – the majority being adults under the age of 30 with anxiety and mental illness. depression.

Short-term stays can last up to 10 days, but SERCC finds that most people feel ready to return to the community after six days of high-level support through the residential program.

Beyond crisis stabilization and short-term residential services, SERCC also helps individuals find appropriate supports in the community. In the past year, they have helped 185 people find outpatient care for psychiatry, psychotherapy and diagnostic assessments.

SERCC Executive Director Nicole Mucheck shared these numbers with community partners at a year-long celebration last week, saying, “The data here speaks for itself. The service has supported many people within our communities and will support many more. It doesn’t happen without the hard work and tenacity of those on the front lines and those helping us behind the scenes with our board and committee members.

“This year we had to overcome all the challenges to start something new. And we got really good at problem solving,” Mucheck said of the launch of this one-of-a-kind program in Minnesota. “It was a time of laughter and coming together, especially when times were tough. The story here at SERCC is one of courage with staff showing up to help those who repeatedly fail to show us their best, but show us their most vulnerable moment.

The SERCC is located on the Olmsted County Government Campus at 2121 Campus Drive SE in Rochester, and is a 24-hour mental health facility staffed with an expert staff of mental health professionals ready to respond to the immediate needs of people in crisis.

SERCC serves people of all ages, regardless of the type of mental health crisis they are experiencing, their financial situation or their insurance status.

Providing a safe and calm environment, the crisis center offers both a 24/7 walk-in clinic for mental health crises and separate short-term residential areas for young people (10 years and older) and adults who require longer stabilization. S

The SERCC is operated by Nexus Family Healing – an organization with a 50-year history of serving individuals and families struggling with behavioral and mental health issues.

More information about the SERCC can be found HERE.


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