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tomorrow (내일) is a Korean drama and fantasy series directed by Kim Tae-yoon and Sung Chi-wook and stars Rowoon, Kim Hee-seon, Lee Soo-hyuk, and Yun Ji-on, alongside other actors. The series has 16 episodes and is based on the webtoon of the same name by Ra Ma. tomorrow Episode 10 is titled Breath and has a runtime of 59 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as follows:


— Tomorrow’s Episode 10 Recap Contains Major Spoilers —
– TW: Suicide/sexual assault and violence

tomorrow Episode 10 begins with Ryeon thinking back to her time as a human – a time when she had to choose between dying by someone’s hand or dying with honor. Later, as she is about to be murdered, Jung-gil comes to her rescue, a thought that fills her eyes with tears. She later talks to the director and asks him how can Jung-gil be the person she met all those years ago? Why is he trying to remember her, since she’s someone who was only supposed to look like the person from his past but has nothing to do with him?

Again from tomorrow episode 10

The manager asks if she is scared because of this because she killed someone he loved. When Ryeon doesn’t respond, the director realizes that should be it. Ryeon asks why the RM team was given to her and the director tells her it’s so she can achieve what she desires. Moreover, she was intrigued by his audacity.

Sometime later, Ryung-gu is still staring at the pregnant woman from the last episode. After spending a few emotional moments, the three come together to ponder their new case – it’s a pair of twins. Before she can discuss further, however, Ryeon asks Ryung-gu for his coffee and tells Jun-woong to be vigilant as this matter is sensitive for their teammate. The sexual assault case resulted in Yun-hui’s attacker not being jailed enough and so it’s up to the team to reduce the twins’ negative energy levels so they can appeal. .

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tomorrow episode 10
Again from tomorrow episode 10

It’s here that we learn why Ryung-gu is particularly sensitive about this case – his mother was gang-raped and then took her own life. Ryeon chooses to talk to Yun-hui while she sends the other two to talk to Yun-jae. Yun-hui is completely uninterested in going through another ordeal that might not come to anything while Yun-jae blames himself for his sister’s difficulties but accepts the boys’ help.

When Yun-jae tells his story to Jun-woong and Ryung-gu, it’s really heartbreaking. Especially since she wanted him to come home with her but he refused to go and that’s what resulted in this horrible tragedy. I want to take a moment here to mention – it’s no one’s fault but the abusers. No one deserves this or asks for this and what happened to Yun-hui is 100% the fault of the despicable man who decided he could do whatever he wanted.

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tomorrow episode 10
Again from tomorrow episode 10

Either way, the assault and the trial are all discussed in painful detail by Yun-jae and it clearly affects Ryung-gu. Even Jun-woong has nothing to say after this horrible incident is told. Meanwhile, Yun-hui has a nervous breakdown in the hospital and tells Ryeon that hurting himself is the only way to forget the fear. Yes, it’s painful but it makes her forget the fear she felt – the pain takes away the fear. She tells him to leave her alone, look away, and let her die. However, Ryeon reminds her that she is the victim here and none of this is her fault.

Back at the office, the team discusses how to handle the incident. Since there is still time for the roll call, they must try to help them out of this horrible mental situation. However, this conversation is cut short when Ryeon realizes that Yun-hui’s negative energy is growing extremely rapidly. The team rushes to the apartment where they find Yun-hui ready to cut herself with a box cutter. Ryeon asks her to calm down and an inconsolable Yun-hui tells them that she no longer needs her family’s help now that they have only blamed her for the situation.

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tomorrow episode 10
Again from tomorrow episode 10

As Jun-woong and Ryung-gu rush to find Yun-jae, whose negative energy meter is also increasing, Ryeon tells Yun-hui something about her life when she tries to tell him to let her die. She tells him that she had done something similar a long time ago, thinking that was the answer to everything. However, that’s not how it turned out and she ended up regretting the decision afterwards. Ryeon’s words move Yun-hui, who seems to calm down a bit.

On the other hand, overwhelmed with anger, Ryung-gu visits the rapist with Yun-jae and beats him to death. Jun-woong arrives a bit late and is horrified to see the scene unfold in front of him. He tries to stop him but Yun-jae takes him outside and tells him it’s better to let the guy die. Jun-woong gives her solid advice – that nothing will be solved if someone dies. That instead of protesting, he should be with his sister. She is alone and struggles with it all without anyone by her side.

Ryeon stops Ryung-gu just in time and slaps him when he refuses to stop punishing the rapist. Justice seems sweet when he says something disgusting about Ryeon and she proceeds to kick him in the sore spot and erase his memory. In court, Ryeon makes excellent arguments about sexual abuse and the stigma that surrounds it – a crime where the victim is ridiculed, harassed and demonized along with the perpetrator. She’s asking for a huge life sentence and on the face of it, she’s capable of bringing the perpetrator to justice. At first glance, the twins forgive each other after realizing they were only hurting each other because of their pain.

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tomorrow episode 10
Again from tomorrow episode 10

Meanwhile, the mugger receives a surprise visit from Jung-gil, who mentions that even though he was supposed to die of a heart attack, it would be unfair to let him down so easily. As the bus catches fire and he is burned alive inside, you think there might just be justice in this world. On the other hand, the siblings are doing well and Yun-hui looks happier and healthier. However, Ryung-gu is still reeling from his past experiences and memories of his mother.

Final Thoughts: Tomorrow Episode 10

It’s a very busy episode. For all those who are sensitive to the subject, I advise you once again not to watch this episode. While it’s not terribly graphic, it’s pretty graphic and has some seriously heavy implications to trigger you.

tomorrow episode 10
Again from tomorrow episode 10

tomorrow Episode 10 is an enjoyable episode that does a really good job of busting the joke that rules sexual assault and protecting its victims. We have seen time and time again how the law fails those who want justice for the crime that has been committed against them. Plus, add to that the blame of the victim in society and the court – you have a recipe that can only end with the victim reliving their trauma over and over again.

The episode presents this with empathy with a lot of hope and sensitivity. I’m pleasantly shocked at how sensitive the episode is, as it can get very risky if you don’t handle it carefully. The way Ryeon and Jun-woong speak to people reeling from a tragedy of this magnitude is admirable, and the writing is neat and very empathetic. Ryung-gu and Ryeon’s personal connection to the subject matter also adds another important layer that helps us empathize with both protagonists and victims. Plus, we love watching the ever sullen Jung-gil dishing out punishments!

In short, I really enjoyed tomorrow episode 10. It’s sensitive, well done, and brings out such an important story in today’s world.

tomorrow is streaming on Netflix.

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