Staying on track: how to protect athletes from the impact of family breakdown


Friday, April 22, 2022 By Joanne Edwards, Amanda Sandys

The impact of relationship difficulties or breakdowns on the well-being of sports professionals is often overlooked. This can have a significant impact on mental health and, therefore, job performance, unless it is carefully managed by officers and those around them.

This article examines practical issues that athletes and support teams need to be aware of when forming relationships and dealing with relationship breakdown. More specifically, it examines:

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Written by

Joanne Edwards

Joanne Edwards

Jo is a partner and head of the family at Forsters. Jo specializes in dealing with the issues that arise when a relationship breaks down, including the financial consequences of a divorce or separation; and resolve child-related arrangements, including cases of moving with children. She also has expertise in advising on prenuptial agreements and in cases involving unmarried couples.

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Amanda Sandy

Amanda Sandy

Amanda is Counsel and an associate attorney on Forsters’ Family team. She specializes in resolving disputes arising from divorce and separation. His affairs often involve substantial assets and have an international or fiduciary element.


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