Steve Bannon’s DC home surrounded by armed police


Steve Bannon’s house in DC

  • The Washington DC home of former White House adviser Steve Bannon was reportedly ‘crashed’ on Friday.
  • Police received a false report claiming there had been a shooting inside the residence.
  • The prank call appears to have been an attempt at “swatting”; or an incident when someone calls a crisis hotline to prank the police.

The residence of former White House adviser Steve Bannon in Washington, DC; allegedly ‘run over’ on Friday after authorities received bogus tip; that a shooting had taken place there.

At a press conference, Jeffery Carroll, Deputy Chief Constable of the Metropolitan Police Department; informed the media that on July 8 at approximately 10:45 a.m.; officials received a call reporting a gunshot in the 200 block of A Street Northeast.

The location, which is close to the United States Supreme Court building and the United States Capitol; was closed for nearly an hour as a precaution, Carroll said, adding that when officers arrived at the scene; they saw no obvious signs that a shooting had taken place.

The deputy police chief said that “it was discovered that there was no disturbance inside; there were no shots, it seemed to be a fake 911; call that occurred outside the location. Therefore, at present, there is no threat and no danger in the immediate area.

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Authorities told the Washington Post they met someone; who claimed to be armed and appeared to have a nervous breakdown, but upon arrival; no weapon or injured person was located.

A police department spokeswoman later said she received a 911 call; who reported that a gunman was inside the townhouse and shot someone.

However, the police quickly determined the the call appears to have been an attempt at “swatting”; or an incident when someone calls a crisis hotline to prank the police about an emergency; in order to have a SWAT, or emergency police operation; descend on a particular individual or address.

Bannon was later seen in a video returning home.

The 68-year-old former adviser to President Donald Trump cannot be believed; was at home at the time of the fraudulent call and the police operation.

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