Takes Thought Chapel tackles mental health stigma


The Takes Thought Chapel is a new chapel designed to be a women-only gathering that focuses on Christ-centered discussion about mental health.

The purpose of this chapel is to address issues that historically accompany the Church’s response to mental health issues.

The chapel begins with a prayer and a lesson from the book of Ecclesiastes. After the lesson, the women broke into small groups to check on each person’s week and share how the Lord is working in their lives.

Catherine Lorenz, president of Takes Thought, said she was inspired to create this chapel from her own personal experiences with mental illness and that she has been committed to advocating for mental health for a while now.

“A lot of people say ‘read your Bible, pray. It’s easy, it’s simple,’ but in the scriptures we see that spiritual warfare is real,” said Lorenz, a first-year services student at the childhood and to Frisco’s family. “We see that Satan is coming after us in every way possible, and he wants to destroy the battlefield of our minds. So I think this chapel is so important because it allows people to to fight, but also to name them, to confess the sin and to confess the struggle.

In February, the Takes Thought Chapel will host an event and in the future they plan to partner with mental health organizations to advocate for student mental health.

“I just want to say, like, seriously thank you to Jesus because he’s the reason I’m doing this here,” Lorenz said. “It is literally him and by his strength and by his power and I am so in awe of him every day. Not because of the work he does for Takes Thought, but because of what he has done on the cross.

Jenna Kell, a first-year kinesiology student at Denton, participated in weekly chapels.

“Honestly, it’s been really nice, it’s been a really healthy kind of girl community,” Kell said.

Tyson Alexander, director of the Counseling Center, is pleased with the space the students create to continue conversations about mental health.

“To be able to just have this specific gathering space for women of faith and talk about their mental health issues, or just how their faith can impact or better, I think is just absolutely remarkable,” said Alexander, “It’s a great thing.”

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