The Batman Trailer Breakdown – The 10 Best Moments



“I am revenge! ”Robert Pattinson’s Batman asserts. And you know what? If that action-packed trailer is any indication, we’re inclined to believe it. This final look at Caped Crusader’s adventure ahead shows us that we We’re dealing with the darkest portrayal of the hero to date. Let’s take stock of the best moments in the latest trailer for The batman

10) Alfred by Andy Serkis

Recalling how Gotham portrayed him, The batman goes for a slightly younger and more grizzled Alfred than the traditional comics. In his scene from the trailer, Andy Serkis’ Alfred asks Batman how far he will go to complete his mission of revenge. As the trailer shows, Batman is a bit new to his job, having only a two-year career in crime-fighting. Therefore, we can expect Alfred to act like Bruce’s “common sense” in the film, bringing him back to Earth when he needs it most. If this trailer is any indication, Alfred will likely spend the movie trying to stop Batman from completely falling apart.

9) Selina is afraid of Batman

The batman

The batman the trailer pushes the idea that Bruce himself is a little demented. Indeed, it says a lot when Selina Kyle, usually calm and serene, is shocked by the violent attitude of her friend Bat. Batman looks like he’s giving it to his enemies, maybe even on the verge of murder them. It’s a sign that the public can fear the Dark Knight as much as their enemies.

8) Selina Kyle kicks ass

Selina Kyle is one of the meanest female characters in comics. So mean in fact, she doesn’t need superpowers to prove an effective heroine / anti-heroine. The batman the trailer shows it as the athletic vixen effortlessly defends herself against thugs. It’s a great teaser of what we can expect from Catwoman in terms of fighting ability in the movie.

7) Batsy against the thugs clowns

The Batman Trailer Breakdown

It wouldn’t be a Batman movie without a clown-themed gang walking the streets. Despite their threat, the scene gives us a good look at Batman’s fighting prowess. The comics make it clear that Bruce trains his mind and body to the height of human capacity. The way he effortlessly takes down clowns is one indication of that. However, this trailer scene also makes us fear Batman because, at the end of the fight, he has a hard time holding back from murder his opponent – is Bruce heading for a nervous breakdown?

6) Batman and Catwoman

Selina kyle

The Batman trailer highlights the relationship between Batman and Catwoman. The couple meet atop a rooftop as the sun sets in isolation. What’s great about this scene is that it shows their bond and how much they have in common. Bruce and Selina wear costumes and roam the rooftops at night in fabricated appearances. This tease from their interaction tells us that Matt Reeves wants to explore why the pair are such a great couple.

5) Riddler’s opening scene

The first scene in the trailer shows GCPD apprehending Paul Dano’s Riddler in a cafe. At the end of the scene, the camera rises above the cup of coffee and reveals Edward Nigma’s iconic question mark symbol. This scene alone is emblematic of how Matt Reeves gives us a more subtle, menacing version of the villain. Since the Riddler is so collected during his capture, it’s likely his arrest was part of his infamous plan.

4) “What is black and blue and dead all over?”

The beauty of Matt Reeves’ film is that it is inspired by real events. This is by no means better represented than in its representation of the Riddler. The character is inspired by the Zodiac Killer, who sent taunting letters to national newspapers, threatening killings and bombings if they weren’t printed. The letters contained cryptograms in which the killer claimed he was collecting slaves for the afterlife. Riddler has these vibes oozing out of him and we can see it in his puzzles and taunts at Batman, especially when he mumbles this riddle on a Livestream.

3) “It’s not just a call, it’s a warning”

The batman

This incredible line from the trailer demonstrates the gritty nature of Reeves’ universe. The film tries to emphasize how devoted Bruce is to his crusade. It is reminiscent of a video game quote Origins of Arkham when Bruce tells Alfred “I’m the reason criminals breathe better when the sun comes up”. Batman wants the criminal underworld to know that they are not safe and that their reign of terror is not over.

2) Batman deflects the balls

The batman

Have you ever wondered why Bruce wears a bat emblem on his chest? Well, in the comics he claims the criminals are targeting this rather than other parts of his body. That’s smart since his chest plate is bulletproof, as evidenced by the trailer scene where Batsy calmly walks towards a group of armed thugs, unhindered by their gunfire. He then proceeds to get the hell out of them – how cool is that?

1.5) Batman chases the penguin

The Batman Trailer Breakdown

Batman is a virtually unstoppable vehicle of revenge. By no means is this better represented than in the scene where Batman chases the Penguin in his Batmobile. During the chase, Penguin is convinced that his enemy is long gone after an explosion. However, Bruce Wayne isn’t that easy to leave – his vehicle glides effortlessly through the blaze, continuing his unhindered pursuit. This moment is undeniably badass and highlights Batman’s strong determination.

1) Batman walks towards a defeated penguin

The Batman Trailer Breakdown

Wow. Just wow. The batman tries to make us fear the Caped Crusader the same way his opponents do. After the intense car chase, we see a POV shot from Penguin’s perspective, showing Batman threateningly walking towards him like an angel of death. I can’t think of a superhero movie where we’re afraid of the hero – yet Matt Reeves seems to pull off that for the first time. Pure shine.

So we have it, a full breakdown of the latest trailer for The batman. We’ll be able to see for ourselves if Matt Reeves’ The Batman lives up to the hype on March 4, 2022. What were your favorite moments from the trailer? Sound off in the comments below!



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