The coin marked on the headlight is a lot of silver


As we all know, the Lighthouse enlargement abandoned in Escape From Tarkov. This means that a new and unexplored area is ready to be traveled by human PMCs. The recent update added a new marked room in this particular area. But is it rags or riches? Some people have already tried to work more deeply on this subject, so let’s see what they have discovered.

Important: The room can only be opened with the Marked shared room key.

For some reason, the cultists have already established their territory in the Lighthouse region and will likely be operating there in the near future. But the main question here is whether the brand new coin is worth it or not? For this, a streamer who goes by the name of TweaK has already compiled a video in which he performs a total of 10 runs by looting only the marked piece. The video is below, so let’s see what he discovered.

Judging by its contents, the room itself offers a few hot spawns that can root for some pretty valuable items. Some of them:

  • Bitcoins
  • Roller watches
  • Skull Rings
  • Lion
  • horse statues
  • Prokill Medallions
  • gold chains
  • Vases
  • other high-value streamer items can be included.

Also, the room itself has a gym bag and jacket that can fit something nice if you’re lucky enough. Based on this experience, the marked room itself already proves to be a strong competitor to other marked rooms on other maps. Well, is it worth it?

Combined with the other buildings and loot spawns scattered around the Lighthouse expansion, yes. You can pretty much make a fortune out of it, the only problem that could cause a nervous breakdown is a pretend thug that can appear out of nowhere. So, from rags to riches?

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