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New Delhi: A five star hotel in Delhi had to pay a heavy price for a haircut gone wrong! The mental trauma suffered by a woman, a communication professional and a model, due to the negligence of a hairdressing professional at the salon of the five-star hotel, led the National Commission for the redress of consumer disputes ( NCDRC) to take major action against ITC Maurya – he was asked to pay the woman a huge compensation of 2 million rupees.

A bench of President Judge RK Agrawal and Member SM Kantikar said: “There is no doubt that women are very careful and careful when it comes to their hair. They spend a lot to keep the hair in good condition. They are also emotionally attached. with their hair “.

The commission ordered the ITC to pay 2 crore rupees to complainant Aashna Roy within eight weeks for service deficiency under the Consumer Protection Act. “Opposite # 2 is also guilty of medical negligence in the treatment of hair. His scalp has been burned and there is still allergies and itching due to the fault of the staff of Opposite # 2,” noted the committee, in its order of 21 September. .

Roy said she suffered a severe nervous breakdown and lost self-esteem, and also abstained from social activities. “She is a communications professional and needs to be involved in meetings and interactive sessions. But she has lost self-confidence due to the lack of hair. She has also suffered loss of income due to hair loss. nervous breakdown after the shoddy haircut and subsequently the torturous hair treatment. She also quit her job, “noted the bench.

The bench said Roy had modeled for hair products because of her long hair and modeled for big brands. “But because of a haircut against her instructions … she lost her expected assignments and suffered a huge loss that completely changed her lifestyle and shattered her dream of becoming a top model,” he said. -he adds.

The commission said: “There is no doubt that realizing the mistake made by their staff, the opposing party # 2 offered the free hair treatment to the complainant and the complainant was not treated for a gesture. Therefore, we are of the opinion that the complainant is a consumer.

The bench added that she also works as a senior manager and earns a decent income. “She suffered a severe mental breakdown and trauma due to the negligence of the No. 2 opposite party in cutting her hair and was unable to concentrate on her job and eventually she lost her job,” he noted.

Roy, in her plea, argued that she went to the salon, which she had used to visit since 2004, on April 12, 2018, to “get her hair done to look neat and clean in front of the jury. interview ”. However, the hairdresser cut all of her hair, leaving only 4 inches from the top and barely touching her shoulders – which she hadn’t asked for.

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She was summoned again on May 3, 2018, after filing a complaint with management, for hair treatment. However, during the treatment, her hair and scalp were completely damaged by excess ammonia and there was a lot of irritation in the scalp.

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