The population control policy is not enough, we must sensitize minorities: Assam BJP


Amid efforts to introduce a two-child policy in Assam, BJP general secretary Dilip Saikia said that just policies would not contribute to population control, as there is a need to educate the minority community about it. problem.

Saikia was referring to the meeting of Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma with 150 intellectuals from the Muslim community in Guwahati on Sunday.

Speaking to ANI, Saikia said, “This is a big initiative of the Assam government. Muslims are lagging behind in various areas. This meeting was held with Muslim intellectuals under the direction of the Chief Minister on all these subjects such as the promotion of their education., their skills, their social life and how to integrate them into the development process. “

The BJP chief said the population explosion is happening across the country, especially in Assam. He claimed that the population of Muslims is increasing in Assam more than the national average, while that of Hindus is decreasing. In each constituency development block, the Muslim population is increasing dramatically, he said.

Saika blamed bad congressional policies for the problem. “The bad congressional policies were there. They saw Muslims as a vote bank, because of which Muslims are isolated today. The name of Muslim remains associated with every incident. The Muslim intellectual must be united to address these questions, “mentioned.

CM Sarma meets 150 Muslim scholars

Earlier today, Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma met 150 academics from the Muslim community on Sunday to hear their views on population control policy. The discussion focused on socio-economic issues affecting the indigenous Muslim population of Assam and was attended by various ministers.

On June 19, Sarma announced that his government would gradually integrate a two-child policy to receive government benefits. He bragged about passing the bill in the next monsoon session, implementing state policy.

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