Top 10 Emotional Character Reunions In Anime, Ranked


Parting can be such a sweet heartbreak, but in anime, reunion can sometimes turn out to be even sadder. Sometimes the main characters are separated and the audience cries of joy when they finally reunite. Other times it can be a bittersweet reunion, one that comes about following an unfortunate event, or one that is driven by a character’s desire for revenge.

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Whatever the reasoning, the reunion makes for some of the most emotional moments in anime. The absolute high-level emotional reunions tend to happen between characters with complex and intertwined stories that leave a lasting effect on the audience.

ten Luffy and the Straw Hats reunite after two years apart

A play

One Piece the infamous Straw Hat Pirates have been separated after their utterly disastrous loss in battle against Bartholomew Kuma. Even though they all wanted to see each other again, they recognized that they were too weak individually to protect each other and therefore decided to stay apart to grow on their own.

After two years apart, Luffy and the Straw Hats finally reunite. Their reunion is truly heartwarming because this crew that has become so close can finally make up for lost time.

9 Naruto just wanted his best friend back

Naruto Shippuden

Sasuke’s love/hate relationship with Naruto seemed to lean towards the latter when they finally reunited in an epic battle at the end of the original. naruto series. This fight did not resolve the disagreement between the former friends, but only complicated things.

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Naruto and Sasuke had many emotional reunions throughout narutobut their most emotional was perhaps at the beginning of Naruto Shippuden outside Orrichimaru Fortress. After trying to reach his best friend for years, Naruto was distraught to find Sasuke even further away than ever.

8 Gon finally finds his father

Hunter X Hunter

All along Hunter X Hunter, Gon’s main goal and motivation for becoming a hunter is to find his father, who left to be a hunter when Gon was young. Fans follow Gon and his friends through the highest and lowest of lows on this quest, which at times seems insurmountable.

When Gon finally achieves his goal of meeting his father, Ging, it’s a heartwarming and emotional moment for the audience. While fans would have liked to see this series last longer, seeing Gon achieve his long-sought goal was undoubtedly satisfying.

seven Yuuki’s final farewell is a punch

Sword Art Online

Yuuki’s reunion with the rest of the party in Sword Art Online is by far the saddest moment in the anime. When Yuuki hasn’t been seen in the game for a while, Asuna decided to get to the bottom of her disappearance. The subsequent truths she arrived at in the real world were extremely upsetting.

In real life, Yuuki suffered from a terminal illness. That’s why Yuuki was playing Sword Art Online: she had more freedom of movement in the virtual world than in real life. Asuna asks Yuuki to reunite with everyone in the game to spend her final moments surrounded by her friends.

6 Tanjiro embraces his family again

demon slayer

fans of demon slayer are only too aware that Tanjiro’s main motivation for becoming a killer was to save his sister, Nezuko, and avenge the death of his family. This overriding truth about Tanjiro’s motivation leads to one of the show’s most heartwarming and saddest scenes during the Mugen Train arc.

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Under a hypnosis-induced sleep caused by the demon Enmu, Tanjiro becomes convinced that he has finally reunited with his family. Seeing him so happy hit fans with the thrills, but the fact that it was all just an hallucination made it all the more tragic when Tanjiro was forced to come to terms with the truth about his situation.

5 Takemichi and Akkun’s happy reunion is short-lived

Tokyo avengers

Tokyo avengers has a weakness for meetings of tragic characters. After Takemichi is nearly killed by being pushed in front of a train, he is suddenly transported to the past. One of the anime’s most emotional reunions occurs when Takemichi reunites with his best friend, Akkun, in the present.

After returning to the present, Takemichi reaches out to Akkun, whom he hasn’t seen in 10 years. On the roof of his building, Akkun admits that he was the one who pushed Takemichi in front of the train at the direction of his gang leader. If that didn’t make things emotional enough, Akkun then jumps off the roof – and Takemichi witnesses it all.

4 Eren cuts all ties with Mikasa and Armin.

The attack of the Titans

Mikasa, Eren and Armin from The attack of the Titans have been best friends since they were kids. Despite the tragic events they all endure together, Eren is most affected by the weight on his shoulders.

While escaping from prison, Eren meets Armin and Mikasa in a restaurant and berates them both. The mind games he plays with Armin and Mikasa are heartbreaking for fans, culminating in Armin and Eren getting into a brutal fight. Although Armin was badly beaten, the relationship between these friends was most affected.

3 Sasuke learns the hard truth about his brother

Naruto Shippuden


Itachi in naruto has the kind of backstory that is as complex as any anime. A main aspect of this is his relationship with Sasuke, his younger brother, and the disdain Sasuke has for his brother throughout the series.

One of the most moving moments of Naruto Shippuden This is when Sasuke encounters his brother’s reincarnated body again after learning the truth of what Itachi had to endure for the sake of their village. It’s both a tragic reunion and a final farewell that symbolizes a turning point for Sasuke.

2 Kenshin and Kaoru’s love story never had its happy ending

Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin is often considered by fans to be one of the best anime of all time, as Kenshin Himura strives to cleanse his soul of his dark past. However, one of the most controversial aspects of the series comes from its conclusion.

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The final story in Rurouni Kenshin comes in the OVA Samurai X: Reflection. In it, Kenshin and Kaoru are reunited after being apart for years, but this reunion is incredibly short-lived as they both die of an unnamed illness. After all the strife Battousai The Man Slayer has overcome, this kind of death has made some longtime fans furious and others just plain sad.

1 Gon realizes he can’t save Kite.

Hunter X Hunter

In Hunter X Hunter, Gon’s mentor, Kite, is captured after defending Gon and Kilua in a battle against Pitou, who herself is incredibly powerful. From then on, Gon blames himself and sets out to find and save Kite no matter what. Unfortunately, when he finally finds and reunites with Kite, Kite has already passed away.

The pain of this realization leads Gon to have a nervous breakdown during which he completely loses control and draws on his entire Nen reserves. This causes Gon to undergo an extreme transformation, and he becomes so powerful that he completely destroys Pitou with a single punch.

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