Vaccine awareness: Church




The Baptist Union of Papua New Guinea calls on the government, health authorities and other relevant authorities to conduct awareness on Covid-19 vaccines and the roll-out of vaccination.

BUPNG President Jeffery Moduwa and Vice President Pastor Win Konge said that with the spread of disinformation about the Covid-19 vaccination on social media and the general fear of the population, in especially in rural areas, there is a serious need for awareness.

“Covid-19 disease and Covid-19 vaccines are two different things,” said Pastor Moduwa.

“For Covid-19 disease, awareness has been raised on how to prevent us from contracting the virus.

“But for Covid-19 vaccines, there are still a lot of people who refuse to be vaccinated due to misinformation.

There is a need to raise awareness of the deployment of vaccination against Covid-19 throughout the country and in remote areas.

“We have to educate our people about the pros and cons of Covid-19 vaccines and let them be informed first, then they can make their own decisions whether or not to take the vaccine and we must not force them.”

He said the deployment of the Covid-19 vaccine has been a problem and that with the national pastors conference BUPNG and the church has made his position that there must be good awareness on the Covid-19 vaccine for erase misinformation and allow people to choose to take the vaccines themselves.

“The government, health authorities and other stakeholders must engage churches to help with immunization awareness, because with appropriate and evidence-based information about vaccines disseminated to the population through the right channels of communication, people will take action. informed decisions, ”said Pastor Konge.

“Churches need to be engaged because in most of the rural areas and in the border areas of our country there is a religious service and churches need to be partners in helping the government and other stakeholders to provide this factual information. about the vaccine and to erase the massive disinformation that has circulated on social media.

They said churches are the vehicles that can help raise awareness and the government to speed up the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccination.



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