What Blue Period’s Yatora Needs to Become a Better Artist


Blue Period’s Yatora Yaguchi is on a steep learning curve in the art world, but being more vulnerable helps her art as much as her technical skills.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 6 of Blue period, “Serious Mental Breakdown” streaming on Netflix.

Yatora Yaguchi has worked hard to improve as an artist in Blue period, and by episode 6, he definitely becomes more comfortable in the artistic field. Thanks to the wise advice of his art teacher in high school and his teacher in preparatory school, he learns different elements such as materials and composition in order to better use the tools at his disposal to create his art. However, Yatora seems to respond to a different type of instruction in a more effective way – through social interaction.

Yatora has always been popular in school, but he’s never been really open and vulnerable with his peers. Now that he spends time with artists, he opens up more and more as he makes new friends and begins to develop relationships.

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Yatora and Blue Yotasuke period

In episode 6 of Blue period, Yatora receives a surprising phone call from a preparatory classmate, Yotasuke. This is surprising as their last interaction showed Yotasuke telling Yatora that he didn’t like her at all. So when he invites Yatora to come to the shrine for the New Year celebration, Yatora is surprised but accepts. During their time together, Yotasuke tells him exactly Why he doesn’t like him, and that prompts Yatora to confess why he loves and respects Yotasuke – because he’s an incredibly capable artist.

Later in the episode, he spends time with Maki, another talented artist from his prep school. She opens up to him, being brutally honest in how she sees others dealing with the stress of entering art colleges. While it’s shocking for Yatora to be with someone who opens up like this, he responds in the same way, and they seem to get along just fine. Later, he learns about the pressure Maki puts on herself due to her sister’s success in the art, and he helps put the situation into perspective by explaining how to use people as a guide to improve as a teacher. artist can be really helpful.

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Maki Blue Period Anime

While these social interactions improve Yatora as a person, it also helps him become a better artist. Seeing even talented artists suffer from relatable struggles, he is able to compartmentalize his own issues in order to help them. By learning to do this, he is able to apply the same technique to his constant exposure to new skills. As he spends more time with his peers, he is able to understand the skills faster and become more open-minded about learning all different aspects of the art.

It might be a coincidence, but as Yatora spends more time with his peers, he becomes better as an artist. Of course, vulnerability is known to help create better and more engaging works of art, so it’s no surprise that her skills increase as her social interactions do. Maybe Yatora needs them as much as he needs the technical skills to produce amazing art.

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